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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 44  1932  page 80
MILTON WILLS (NEXT SITTINGBOURNE).—I. By Arthur Hussey   continued

body of the church. To every priest at dirige and mass in the church on the day of my burial 8d; and to every priest that cometh to my house to fetch my corpse l0d. To the reparation of Iwade church 53-4d. William Smith of London my cousin £6-13-4d, and to his sister Margaret Warnot £3-6-8d. Katherine Boll my servant at her marriage 40/-; and to every other servant 3-4d over and above their wages; to every of my shepherds making a true reckoning to my Ex’ors of such cattle he had in his charge 5/-. To the church of Charing a chalice price 60/-. A priest to sing in Milton church for my soul and all my friends etc. for five years having £6-13-4d yearly; and if Dom. Harry Curte be destitute of other service he shall so sing for the five years. Ex’ors ~provide a marble stone with scripture and engraving to the value of £4, and be laid over my grave.Katherine my daughter £66-13-4d when 18 or at marriage, if she die the money to my brother John Ayleff 2 priest, for the use of my heirs. Wife Margaret have residue after paying debts etc. and with Mr. John Ayleffe priest my brother, Dom William Harling vicar of Bredgar [1518-34] my Ex’ors, each £6-13-4d with Doctor Leef3 overseer, to have £3-6-8d. Ex’ors have all income from my lands tenements purchased, which John Seth now hath to ferme

at £19 yearly, for six years after my death to pay my debts, etc.; after the six years for the use of Katherine my daughter until married, then the same to her and her lawful issue, in default to Richard Ayeleff my brother and his eldest lawful male issue being no priest, and so from eldest male issue to eldest male issue, and not to be separated or divided amongst heirs male co-preners after the custom of Gavelkind; in default of male issue to William Ayeleff my brother and his eldest lawful male issue as above. Wife Margaret have income from all my other lands tenements with which she is now endowed of for her life, then income to Katherine my daughter who at her marriage after the death of my wife, have all those lands tenements, and to her lawful issue, in default to Richard my brother and his eldest male issue, and so descend as above. Wife Margaret have income from my lease of Readam, Marsh and Pykwynkell for life, repairing the walls and dykes, at her marriage or death to daughter Katherine, but if she be dead to the heirs male of my brothers Richard and William as above.
  1 The brass of Thomas and Margaret Alefe is in the church.
   Rector of Hollingbourne, 1527.38.
   3 Probably John Leefe, Master of Maidstone College, 1519-47.

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