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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 35  1921  page 14

   No. 33. BOTTLE, 5 in. diameter, 6⅛ in. high; brownish grey clay; between the cordons on the neck and a black band on shoulder are faint traces of a whitish coating.
   No. 34. Apparently the stand plate only of an urn; sandy. grey clay. This was 2 ft. down and all the upper part of this pot had disappeared.

   In the midst of the last group, No. X., a mass of the brick earth was observed to be stained a yellowish colour. On examining this, hobnails were identified, so, although the shape could not be defined, it had doubtless originally been a sandal. The stained appearance of the earth may possibly have been caused by the decayed leather, or by iron rust. A nail was also found in or close to this group; the earth for some distance around was removed in small quantities with

a trowel, but although it was believed to have been moved before and the edge of the pot-hole was traced, no traces of a cist, bones or other remains could be seen.

   No. 35. ONE-HANDLED FLAGON, 6⅛ in. diameter, 7  in. high; gritty, hard, light brown-red or buff clay; air-hole at base of neck, which is very constricted internally; this vent would facilitate filling, and also drinking from the vessel if held by its handle in the right hand.   Silchester Pottery, p. 149, p1. lxiv., 124.Coll. Antiq., i., p1. ix., fig. 9.*
   No. 36. OLLA- SHAPED BEAKER, 3 in. diameter, 3 in. high; gritty dark grey clay.
Colchester Mus., Joslin Coll., group 72, 411.
  * Collectanea Antiqua. By C. Roach Smith. (184888.)

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