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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 35  1921  page 13

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found by this means, confirming our suspicions, and it was then regretted that the absence of an urn was not observed in Group VI. and similar precautions taken in that in stance.

   No. 30. BEAKER, 3¼ in. diameter, 3¾ in. high; fine clay, light grey at base merging to purple-grey at rim, uncoated, with four indentations made by the potter’s thumb; and interesting as being the only indented Beaker found on this site.   Walters, Cat., M 171, pl. xix.; second century.*
   No. 31. OLLA-SHAPED BEAKER or DRINKING MUG, 3⅛ in. diameter, 3⅛ in. high; fine grey clay, uncoated.   Late second century type.

   Beaker No. 6 was noted as being 3 ft. 4 in. below the surface; in view of this later experience in seems probable, 

from its position and depth, that it may also have been part of a burial by inhumation.
   Further excavations not being practicable immediately adjoining the explored part, it was decided to try a fresh hole about 7 ft. south of the previous diggings, in what was at the time the only convenient adjacent spot. Groups IX. and X. were found here: the rim of No. 32 was 2 ft. below the surface. It was so filled with burnt bones that they had overflowed, and some were found between the two vessels.

   No. 32. URN, full of calcined bones, 9¾ in. diameter, 11 in. high; fine grey clay, uncoated.
The hollow-turned under surface of the stand-plate and false cordons suggest that this is a late development of the cordoned Aylesford types described by Sir Arthur Evans, Archaeologia, vol. lii.
   * Catalogue of Roman Pottery in the .British Museum. By U. B. Walters, (1908.)

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