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would have been carried out, the purpose for which they were first begun having been effected. The Research Fund of the Society of Antiquaries later repaid this expense, and the result must be considered satisfactory; during November six more groups in all were unearthed, pieces numbered 20 to 37 being recovered, as well as evidence of burials by inhumation among the later finds.

   No. 20. Base of an URN; clay similar to fragment A.
No. 21. Base of (?) URN grey clay.
   No. 22. BEAKER, 2 in. diameter, 4 in. high; fine grey clay. Colchester Mus., Joslin  Coll., group 59, 322;pomegranate form; second century. 

   No. 23. Cup, 3⅝ in. diameter, 2 in. high; terra sigillata ware with a good glaze.   Conforms to late second century type. Atilianus in Pudding Pan Rock Series, Proc. Soc. Antiq., xxi., xxii.; dated in Antonine Period, A.D. 160-190.
  No. 24. FLASK or BOTTLE, 4⅝ in. diameter, 5 in. high; good clay with black core, reddish near surface, and black coated.   Colchester Mus., Joslin Coll., group 49, 284; A.D. 50-100; moulded foot.
   No. 25. OLLA-SHAPED BEAKER, 3 in. diameter, 3 in. high; similar clay to last, but with blacker coating. Second century type.
   No. 26. Lower portion of URN, about 9 in. diameter; similar clay to the two foregoing.
   These last were all from 2 ft. to 2 ft. below the surface, but the next group, No. VII., was about 3 ft. down. The three pieces of pottery were all touching a skull, No. 27

Page 11 

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