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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 35  1921  page 9

   No. 13. URN, full of calcined bones, 9 in. diameter, 6⅜ in. high; of gritty, earthy grey clay, coated.
   No. 14. FLAT BOWL or PLATTER, 7 in. diameter, 2 in. high; gritty coated black ware, with wavy line scored round it.      Curle, Newstead, p. 259, fig. 32, 7; about A.D. 130.
   No. 15. STUNTED BULBOUS BEAKER, 4 in. diameter, 2 in. high; earthy grey clay, with black lines and two engine-turned bands. Abnormally outbulged and without parallel for its type. End of second, or beginning of third, century.     Niederbieber, type 33; c. A.D. 190260.
   No. 16. FLASK or BOTTLE, considerably misshapen, 4 in. diameter, 6⅛ in. high; of earthy grey clay, with black lines and one engine-turned band.
    The positions of the vessels in this group were particularly noted. The patera was standing on the beaker, the latter

being empty; they were touching the east side of the urn, and the bottle was touching both the urn and the patera on the north side of the latter.

   No. 17. Lower portion of large URN, about 10 in. diameter; clay, soft, sandy, reddish-grey.
   No. 18. OLLA-SHAPED BEAKER, 3 in. diameter, 3 in. high; fine grey sandy clay. Late second century type.
   No. 19. Base of an URN, fine grey clay, soft.
   The late Mr. George Payne had been notified of all the above finds as they were discovered, and it was hoped that he would visit the site. His unfortunate decease preventing this, the matter was mentioned to a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, with the result that funds were forthcoming for further excavations to be undertaken; otherwise no more

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