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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 35  1921  page 7

   No. 8. BOTTLE, 5½ in. diameter, 7¾ in. high; earthy grey clay, coated black.   Colchester Museum, Joslin Collection, group 68, 396-7 A.D. 40-70.*

   No. 9. BOWL or PATERA, 7¼ in. diameter, 2⅜ in. high; hard Terra Sigillata, or pseudo. Samian ware, retaining illegible impression of potter’s stamp. Form 31 Drag.  Silchester Pottery, p. 92, p1. xxxii., 32; about A.D. 200.

   No. 10. URN or OLLA, containing calcined bones, 9½ in. diameter, 12 in. high; earth-grey sandy clay, apparently coated, with traces of faintly scored latticed lines just perceptible.   Colchester Mus., Joslin Coil., group 56, 312; A.D. 133—200.

   No. 11. BEAKER, minus upper portion of rim, 3 in. diameter, about 4½ in. high; red clay, with grey-black coating.

   In September the pieces numbered 12 to 19 were found in a further small excavation, and the depth and arrangement of the various groups were even better observed and noted. All the foregoing pieces (except No. 6, to which reference will be made again later) were between 24 ft. and 3 ft. below the surface; Nos. 17, 18 and 19 were less than 2 ft. down, with the result that the rims and upper portions of the urns had apparently been disturbed and dispersed in the cultivation of the soil.

No. 12. URN, OLLA or STORE VESSEL, containing calcined bones, 9 in. diameter, 11 in. high; sandy grey clay.

   * Cata1oge of the Joslin Col1ection, Colchester. By J. E. Price. (1888.)

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