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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 35  1921  page 3
By W. Whiting  Continued

 which had to be omitted on the plan, seeing that their exact position could not be fixed.
   No. 1. URN, containing calcined bones, 9⅜  in. diameter, 7 in. high; of hard reddish-brown clay, apparently black coated. On the outside the letters as traced are scored, but that portion of the pot which should precede the "M" being wanting, it is impossible to tell whether the inscription is complete. The form is a late development of an early imported cordoned bowl discovered in the British promontory fort at Hengistbury Head (Soc. Antiq. Report, p. 34, p1. xvii, 3-5), and has been found chiefly in the districts of S. and E. Britain occupied by the Belgic Tribes.
   No. 2. ONE-HANDLED FLAGON, with neck and handle missing, 5 in. diameter; of hard dark grey clay, coated black.   
   No. 3. ONE-HANDLED FLAGON, with neck and part of handle missing, 5 in. diameter; of tile-red clay, not coated.

   No. 4. WIDE BOWL or PATERA, 8 in. diameter, 1⅝ in. high; of fine grey ware. An imitation of sigillata bowl, form 36 Dragendorff.  Silchester Pottery, p. 126, pl. liv., 96.*
   No. 5. BOWL or PORRINGER, 5⅝ in. diameter, 1⅝ in. high; black sandy clay.  Curie, Newstead, p. 259: fig. 32, 6, pl. 1. (B), fig. 6; c. A.D. 180.
   No. 6. BULBOUS BEAKER, 3⅝ in. diameter, 4 in. high; red clay, coated with black slip, chocolate colour to the height of about ⅝ in. from the base. Round the bulge thirty-one diagonal stripes painted in white slip. Probably Castor or Rhenish ware.
Silchester Pottery, p. 122, p1. lii., 83; about A.D. 200.
  * The Pottery found at Silchester. By Thomas May, F.S.A.(1916.)
A Roman Frontier Post and its People: The Fort of
        Newstead in the Parish of Melrose.
By J. Curie, F.S.A. (1911.)

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