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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 35  1921  page 34
ASH next Sandwich WILLS - Part 2  By Arthur Hussey

maintenance àf her houBehold. My wife Benet* haye for her life a~ maser and. the use and custody of a silver salt and twelve silver spoons, then to my SOflB Michael and Richard. Elisabeth, my daughter, wife of Stephen Soly the younger, have £50 on condition his father, Stepben Soly the elder, assure lands and tenements of the yearly value of £6 13$. 4d. . To the same Elisabeth twenty ewes and a good cow, and to her daughters Margaret and Elisabeth five lambs each, and to her daughter Joan £10 at her marriage. Residue after paying debts, etc., to my sons Michael and Richard Hougham, my ex’ors, with my brothers John Brook and Thomas Hougham overseers. J\4y lands, tenements, etc., in Ash, Elmeston and. Preston. That m~r wife have for life the messuage which we live in and all lands thereto ; also the lands bought from Mr. Worth, N John Gason, William Ahnon and Richard Monings in Ash ; after her death to son Michael and his heirs. Also to Michael one marsh called Rowborowe, a little close of pasture adjoining, another at Pete end, one marsh called Middie Marsh and the marsh called the Salts. By deed, dated 18 June last, I enfeoffed John Gason hi one roessuage called Baa or the Bay with garden, laud called Bayfie]d of 20 acres in Ickhani, on condition he paid to me or my ex’ors, etc., the next 8 October £60, and if Iohn Gason make default of payment, then son Richard have the same and to his heirs, but if Gason pay the £GO, the money to Richard. Son Biehard have my marsh called ICete Marsh, my part of the Kete excepted, my barns and lands in Richborough field, and. all rents and services of the Manor of Nevellea Fleet ; a piece of meadow at % Swallowes Brooks itt Ash, bought fi~’om. Thomas Rolffe ; my messuage and barn called Pricketts, and all lands and tenements in Elmeston and Preston (except one acre and three rods of laud in Marfeld (sic) whieh I hitd after the death of my mother) to sou Richard and his heirs, etc., for ever. But the one acre and three rods of Marlefeld (sic) to my brother Thomas Hougham. John Paton, esquire, by deed dated 1 August in 1 and 2 Philip and Mary salt marsh in Ash, and son Richard have the Bame. Witnesses:
Thomas Harflett, John Brooke, Thomas Hougham, Stephen Solie, 5unior, William Solie, and Christopher Harileet, the writer of this present testament and last wifl. Probate 24 March 15564.
(Oon. Vol. XXVII, foL 90.)
* l3enet ltougham was daughter of Sohu Brook, senior, and she was buried at Ash 9 June 1560. See C’onzer ofitent CAsh), by J~ R. Planche, p. 393.

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