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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 35  1921  page 33
ASH next Sandwich WILLS - Part 2  By Arthur Hussey

my daughters, each have a cow, six ewes and a brass pot. That ten loads of gravel be laid against my lands at Oxtey Cross. To the Friars of Sandwich 20d, Ex’or : wife Agnes, and to have for her life my house and lands, then to daughter Agnes. Oustance, my daughter, have Three acres of land at Oxtye and Soole, also four acres at Hilisfielcis and one acre• in Sellingers field.
Probate 30 Sept. 1518. t (IV., fob 149.)

ALICE RotE, widow.

. I S I 1534. Buried in the churchyard. To the Trinity altar or light 144. Thomas Brown have a kettle, pewter platter, iron wegge, if be live to marry, or if not to John Powte and his heirs. Cecilie Mores to Tier marriage 3s. 4cL and a pewter dish. Ex’oi’:
John Powte, with. Laurence . Oiner overseer. Residue to John Powte. A herse cloth to the church of Ash to be bought within a year of my death. Witnesses : Laurence Omer, Richard (iroker.
Probate 4 March 1634~~. (W., foL 195.)


17 June 1536. Buried in the churchyard of St. Nicholas. To my brother Thomas Hole, to be overseer of my Will and to see my BOIl John well ordered, Os. Sd. Ex’or : Thomas Keirnett, my son-in-law. Nicholas, son of Thomas Hole, have 12d., and James Kennett 12d. My brother Thomas HoIi and Thomas Kennett shall receive from my brother William Hole 40$. he owes me, and bestow part at my burial and part at my month’s minct Cicilo Mores have a platter and candlestick. Residue’ of goods to son 3ohn. Witnesses : Richard Browne, John Bell, William Syngiesse.
Probate 12 Tuly 1588. (W., fol! 203.)

6 Oct. 1479. Buried in the churchyard. high altar 3s. 4d. Wife Joan have two quañers of grain and five of corn, a horse, cow, pig and two young pigs, and alL the things of my house. &‘ors : Henry Musred and Stephen Afiord. Feoffee : Laurence Omer. That one acre of land. at Bynbergh be sold. Wife Joan

* Hogham and Houham are possibly variations of the nnme Itougham or Jiuffliam.

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