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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 35  1921  page 31
ASH next Sandwich WILLS - Part 2  By Arthur Hussey

. ZO]EtN Hocnnr. i.
14 Feb. I521~2 ) 1520-21]. Buried in the churchyard. High altar 12c1. ; to the Light of the Brodered. of Nashe one bushel of barley. Residue after paying debts, etc., to wife Joan, my ex’or, with Robert Soly overseer. Wife Joan have my place at Nashe with all lands durh~g her life, theB to William Penny, paying for the Same £9. Cicely Penny, my daughter, have 20s. ; Marion Sawnder 20s. ; to the children of Alice Soly 5s. each, but if they die under age Robert Soly have Os. 8c1. and the residue of the 20s. (sic) to be done for the souls of the children. Witnesses:
Sir Thomas Fraiicis, Sir Thomas Clappam, Edmixnde Ilochyn, JoIn

. Penny, Robert Soly. Probate 9 Jan. 1521e2. (W ., fol. 159.)
~ EDMONDE Huccnnç* yeoman.
8 April 1538. Buried in the churchyard of St. Nicholas. At I my burial five masses in honour of the Five Wounds. Son Thomas
. ‘have the place I dwell in,’ with five and half acres of ]and, one acre called Longeroft, five yards in the close Camlese, but if he die without issue, to my daughter Son William foui’ acres in Newecroft, a close called Ballysso of one and a half acres. Wife Thornesine have a dozen of pewter vessels and various household
. things. . Ex’ors : wife Thornesine and Roger Homer, with John More overseer. Witnesses : Salmon Forte of Stourmouth, ,Tohn Harbage, Tolrn Ming; William Foisted. Probate 14 July 1542.
(W, fob 211.)

4 July 1554. Buried in the churchyard. To my mother p Thornasin all my zight to my house and lands at Nashe, which U ~ had from my father Edmund Hochen. Ex’or : my mother, and have all residue. Witnesses : William Lynch, vicar of A sh, Stephen Soly, Gelbart Water, Francis 0mm’. Probate 11 Jily
].054J. (Con. "\Toi XXV,, foL 07.)
1 JouN Hooun. •

13 Sept~ 1518. BurSeci in the churchyard. lEigh altar 12c7. ri~howfls Kenett 12d. Agues Ho&e a lamb1 Oustance and Agnes)

* Edmund ilochyn and lVifliam Lewys were the churchwardens of the Chapel ot Overland hi September 15U, when Archbishop Warham heW his lvi 8ian.

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