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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 35  1921  page 30
ASH next Sandwich WILLS - Part 2  By Arthur Hussey


31 May 1554. My body to the earth. All my’ goods equally divIded, three parts to my three children, and the fourth part to pay debts, etc., each child have its share when 20 years of age; meantime remain in the hands of my ex’ors : Thomas Forte, Richard Porte and John Forte, my late wife’s brothers~ Elizabeth my eldest daughter, Alice my youngest daughter. Witnesses:
Gervase Lynche, parson of Ehneston, William itigdon of West-marsh in Ash. Probate 8 July 1554. (Con. Vol. XXV., fol. 64.)

14 April 1480. Buried in the churchyard of Sb. Nicbo~as. Bigh altar 12J. To the fabric of the nave of the church Ge. Sd.; of the nave of Westhere 20d. ; of the nave of Chislett 12d. Richard Lake have a cow and thirteen ewes. Margarete Cowper ‘ten ewes. That there be distributed a~nong my brothers and sisters (not named) £8. To .Tolrn Saunder, vicar of Asb, Os. 8c~ ; and to ‘ Join Skinner of Sandwich Os. Sd. Ex’ors : wife JOan and John Skinner. Wife Joan have all my lands, etc., which I obtained in the parish of ilerne for her life, then to be sold and the money for our souls. Probate 15 June 1480. (W., fol. ‘73.)

‘ ThoMAs HocmsM:*
12 Dcc. 1485. Buried in the churchyard of St. Nicholas. High altar 3s. 4d. Wife Alice have my best black horse. After my death until the next Feast oi! St. Michael, that my wife and sons shall occupy my messuage and barn, aüd wife Alice sow two acres of land with badey and another piece of land with hemp, and in the next year following my wife have two quarters of wheat and one of barley. Alice my daughter have my red cow, six ewes, the middle brass ~iot and a kettle ; and my two ~oiis shall pay unto my daughter 18s. 4€?. after the death of my wife. Son Edmund have my best brass pot, with my messuage called .Rooclland (or ReecL. land ?) with the lands thereto. Residue equally between my wife and two sons (not named) . Ex’ors : Zohn liocharn ant] Edmund Hoeham (? sons). Probate 9 Feb. 1485-6 (W., fOl. 83.)
* Roebam may he a variation o the name Houghazn or itochon.

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