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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 35  1921  page 21
ASH next Sandwich WILLS - Part 2  By Arthur Hussey

the messuage and garden in which I now dwell, remain to Sir John Ireland, chantry priest of the Chantry of John Septvance, esquire, in the parish of Ash, and to his successors forever, on condition the chantry priest keep a yearly Obit of 3s. 4d. for ever. But if the Obit is not kept then to the parish church of Ash, so that the wardens for the time being keep the yearly Obit as above, and my Feoffees to enfeoffe the messuage, etc., to ten or twelve good and discreet persons of the parish. Residue after paying debts, etc., to my ex’or Sir William Harnhill,* in charitable deeds for my soul. Witnesses : Thomas Bode, clerk, Sir John Ireland, Sir Stephen James, Thomas Fowle.
   Probate 26 July 1511. (W., fol. 50.)

   19 Feb. 1507-8; Buried in the churchyard beside the body of Harry Downing late my father. High altar 4d. Wife Mildred have all such household stuff in my house at my death, also a horse, cow, bullock and plough, and 5 marcs in money to be paid by Alice my mother. All grain and corn in my barn, etc., equally between Mildred my wife and Alice my mother. John Middleton have my second gown, that I had from Sir William Harnhill. Alice my mother have to her and her heirs all my lands and tenements which belonged to my father, with all the corn and grain growing. Residue after paying debts to Alice my mother and ex’or. Witnesses : John Sanders, clerk, vicar of Ash, John Eastwood, chaplain, John Middleton. 
   [No probate date.]  (W., fol. 106.)

   15 Feb. 1522-3. Buried in the churchyard. High altar 3s. 4d. Daughter Alice when she is fourteen years of age, have 20s., a cow and six ewes. To the child my wife goeth with l0s. when fourteen years of age, each heir to the other, but if both die, then my wife bestow the money in masses and charitable deeds. To the light of the church over St. Thomas 12d. Residue after paying debts, etc., to wife Juliane my ex’or, with Robert Southowsand, overseer. Witnesses : Sir Richard Bakar, Thomas Bryan, Richard Crocker.
   [No probate date.]  (W., fol. 173.)
   * William Harnhill was a chaplain of Holy Cross, Canterbury, in which church he was buried in 1516, giving to the Wardens of the Brotherhood of Jesus in that church all the profits from two pieces of land in the parish of Ash, called Suspetts and the Farthing, for a yearly Obit of 3s 4d. (A, Vol. XIII., fol. 1.)

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