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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 35  1921  page 20
ASH next Sandwich WILLS - Part 2  By Arthur Hussey

   16 January 1497-8. Buried in the churchyard of St. Nicholas. High altar 20d. ; and to the reparation of the church where most need is 12d. ; to the Light of the Street called the Hokke light 6d. Residue after paying debts, etc., to wife Alice my Ex’or. Wife Alice have all my places and lands during her life, then except the place next the cross where one John Overy now dwells, to John my son and his heirs ; but the place before excepted shall go to the use and profit of the Chantry of John Sevaunce [Septvans], upon condition it be expended for a yearly Obit in the church of 5s. upon the expense of the chantry priest, and also every priest daily and yearly to pray for the souls of the said Henry Downing, his wife, and the soul of Sir John and my Lady Sevaunce, and his friends.
  [No probate date.]   (W., fol. 14.)

   11 July 1511. Buried in the churchyard beside the body of Henry Downing, late my husband. To the Hoke-tide Light in the church 12d. ; and towards maintaining the Lights of Our Lady 2 lbs. of wax. All my body raiment to poor people. In bread, ale and cheese to poor people of the parish present at my burial, to the value of l0s. At my day of burial or morrow after 30 masses; also an Obit of a, dirige and 15 masses yearly for seven years. To the Friars of Sandwich 6s 8d , that on the day of my burial they come to Ash and sing a dinge and mass for my soul, etc. Towards maintaining the Mass of Jesus at the Westgate [Holy Cross] of Canterbury, that my name be rehersed in the book of the names of the brothers and sisters, and for eight masses for my soul 20s. Sir William Harnhill, priest, have a pair of sheets, my best chest, and five mares (66s. 8d.). To the repair of bad roads in Ash 20s ; and the bad way beyond the parsonage of Ash 20s. That Constance Carderowe and her daughter Margery have in money and household stuff 20s. ; Thomas Fowle 40s. ; Sir Thomes Bode, vicar of Ash, 20s., that he say two trentals of masses for my soul; James Hole 6s. 8d. ; and to poor people in shirts, smocks, hoses and shoes, 40s. An Obit be done four times for the soul of Sir John Middelton to the value of 18s. 8d. Feoffees of all my lands and tenements : Sir William Harnhill and Thomas Bode, clerks, and Thomas Fowle. Lands and tenements to be sold by my ex’or, and the money to fulfill my will, except the yearly issues, etc., from

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