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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 35  1921  page 18
ASH next Sandwich WILLS - Part 2  By Arthur Hussey

   9 Dec. 1558. Buried in the churchyard. Silvester Golde my Ex’or have all my moveable goods to pay my debts, etc., and keep my son Jefferay Creke until he is 21 years of age then Jefferay have £12, but if he die to the children of Silvester Golde. Witnesses : John Blake, James Wilborough.
   Probate 3 April 1554. (Con. Vol. XXV., fol. 51.)

   21 Oct. 1554. Buried in the churchyard. To poor people 20d. To my mother a bushel of wheat and malt. Bennet, Alice, and Joan my daughters, each have 20s. at their marriage or age of 20 years, to be paid by Joan my wife. Ex’or : Wife Joan, and have residue. That my wife have my house and lands until sons Silvester and John are 18 years old, and my wife to bord my loft and make an entry without the south door. Son Silvester have the house and lands which belonged to Edward Creke my father. Son John when 23 years old have all my lands bought from George Creke. If sons die, then to my daughters. Witnesses : John Rede, John Hilles, James Tippen, Thomas Brooke.
   Probate 18 Jan.1554-5. (Con. Vol. XXVI, fol 17.)

   28 March 1513. Buried in the churchyard of St. Nicholas. High altar 12d. At my burying five masses of the Five Wounds of Our Saviour ; at my month’s mind the Mass of the Trinity, of the Nativity of Christ, of the Holy Spirit, of Our Lady, and of Requiem. To the Cross Light 4d. ; to the Hoclight 1 lb. of wax. My mother have 8s. 4d. Daughter Alice at her marriage 66s. 8d.; but if she die, then five nobles (33s. 4d.) in masses and repair of bad roads in Ash ; and five nobles to my wife. Jaffery Page have my violet gown, and old John Midilton my tawney jacket. John Rollys my prentice have a quarter of malt ; Benedict Page my servant 5s. ; Robert Molond my gilded coat or coat of white that I had of gift from Master Digge. Richard Croft my brother 3s. 4d. Ex’ors : Wife Benedict and Richard Croft, Residue of goods after paying debts, to my wife. Witnesses : Sir Thomas Boode, Nicholas Young, John Midillton.
   Probate 13 May 1513. (W., fol. 139)

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