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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 34  1920  page 52
ASH next Sandwich WILLS - Part 1  By Arthur Hussey

Bownde, and have residue. Witnesses : William Trewell, Stephen Joly, Robert Cokk, John Cristemas.                                                              Probate 28 January 1528-9 (W., fol. 162.)

   20 Feb. 1471-2. Buried in the churchyard. High altar 12d., and to the work of the church 5s. Wife Joan have all household goods for her life, then to my children. Ex’ors : wife Joan and son Stephen. That five rods of land upon Waredowne in the place called the Ferdyng to be sold, and money to pay debts, etc. Son Stephen have after my death all that tenement formerly Henry atte Bregge’s, my father, at Ware, also two acres of land, of which five rods are in the Welting and three rods at Waredowne, with sufficient pasture for one cow at Wallysend. Also after the death of Joane, relict of Henry atte Bregge, then Stephen have two acres and half a rod of land at Grenedrove and two acres at Hopedeye croft. All my other lands and tenements after the death of Joan, my wife, to son Geoffrey on condition he give to Agnes his sister at her marriage parcel of the land at Waredowne on the east side of the road.        Probate 16 April 1472. (W., fol. 62.)

   9 April 1518. Buried in the churchyard of St. Nicholas. High altar 20d, and to the church box 20d. To the Light of Our Lady in the Chapel of Ov’land (Overland) one bushel of barley, and to the Light of St. Stephen in the same Chapel a bushel of barley. That 24 acres of land in the parish of Chislet be sold, of which ten acres are in the place called Strood, five acres at Knoll, four acres at Stafford and four pieces of meadow called Combe, and the money to the children of John Brown £21 6s 8d., to the Light of Our Lady of Chislet 6s. 8d., and residue to fulfil my will. Daughter Fridiswide have three quarters of barley, a kettle with two ears, and a chest ; daughters Joan and Margaret each have two quarters of barley. Mawde my sister have my violet gown, and George Brige my russet gown. Alice my wife have three acres of
   * A Richard Brigge of the parish of St Peter in Sandwich, by will dated 20 October and proved 9 December 1491, gave to the parish church of Ash 3s. 4d ; also a taper of 1 lb to burn, when Divine Service is celebrated before the Image of St Mary in the church of Ash. Wife Agnes have and occupy all my lands and tenements in Ash or elsewhere during her life, then to son John and his heirs. (A., Vol. V., fol. 2009.)

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