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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 34  1920  page 51
ASH next Sandwich WILLS - Part 1  By Arthur Hussey

have £3 6s. 8d. As much gravel or chalk to the value of 20s, to be layed between the Wallend and Sarre where most need is, this coming summer. Rose and Joan, my daughters, each have 20 marcs (£13 6s. 8d) when 18 years of age, or, if they marry before their, at their marriage. A bullock of three years of age to be killed against Easter next and given to poor people of the parish. Bennett, my wife, have all instuff of household "in the hail, chambres and kechyn," also at Michaelmas in corn, cattle or money £40. Residue of goods to my three sons equallyJohn, Roger and Thomas. Wife Bennett have all my lands in Cheselet for life, then to my three sons. Margery, the widow of Thomas Estewell, late of Sturrey, have 40s. yearly. Witnesses: Sir Thomas Boode, curate (sic) of Ash, John Sethe of Herne, John Peny.                   Probate 18 March 1515-16. (W., fol. 132.)

THOMAS BODE, Vicar of Ash.
   1 July 1519. " To be buried in the church of Whitechapel, if it please God I depart my life there." High altar of Whitechapel 6s 8d. To the Light of Our Lady in Ash church 3s. 4d., and to every other Light 6d. A priest sing for my soul in Ash church for half a year and have £3 6s. 8d. To buy a canopy for the sacrament in Ash church 6s. 8d. ; to the high altar of Wingham 6s. 8d. ; the reparation of the church of Elmston 20s. ; to the church of Pevinton 13s. 4d. ; to Sir James and Sir Robert, priests of Ash, 123s. 4d each; to the Friar that singeth at Richborough 8d. Raymond Harfleet and William Wren each have 20s. That mine ooste (host) William Wren and his wife be contented for all my costs laid out for me in the time of my sickness. Ex’ors : Master Robert Woodward, Commissary of Canterbury, and John Williams, Rector of St. George’s in Canterbury, to distribute the residue for my soul. Witnesses : Sir John Roger, William Wren, Raymond Harflette.                                          [No probate date.] (Con. Vol 12, fol. 164.)

   21 January 1528-9. Buried in the churchyard. High altar 20d. Wife Isabelle have 20s, my brother William 5s, and my mother 6s. 8d. Ex’ors : wife Isabelle and my brother William
   * Rev. Thomas Bode is called vicar in his will but " parish-chaplain " in Sept 1511 at the Visitation of Archbishop Warham.
Friar Christopher of Sandwich was the parish chaplain at the Visitation of Archbishop Warham in 1511,

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