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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 34  1920  page 49
ASH next Sandwich WILLS - Part 1  By Arthur Hussey

ring by her other husband, but all moveable goods at Dover to my three sons. My sons Thomas and Jerome have 12 silver spoons, a nott (nut) with a cover after my wife’s death. Residue of goods after paying debts, etc., at the end of a year next after my death, equally between my three sons Thomas, Jerome and James. Ex’ors: Sons Thomas and Jerome, with my brother Boys* overseer. The 20 years (sic) remaining in the hands of Raymund Cheker, to the church of Ash yearly 3s. 4d. for an Obit, and the residue to the reparation of the church. Son Thomas have my Manor of Cheker with all rents, etc., and all lands and tenements called Wellfeld, Wilvell, Moland, Hooke, the Cheker field, 5 acres in Weddinton field, seven acres next Chilton, etc., but if Thomas die without male issue, then to Jerome my son. Son Jerome have my tenement called Hylls churchgate, four acres at Barnmill, land called the Hart, Holecombe, Dresgetts, Hillesdowne, Nashe, Pedding and Hookbake in Goodneston and Wodensborough, and a marsh called Causey marsh, and to his heirs, etc., but if no male issue, then to my son James. Son James have a house in Sandwich in the fish. market, a house in Dover and a piece of land at the Briggs.
                                                                                                  [No probate.  (W., fol, 51.)

   2 Oct. 1542. Buried in the churchyard near my ancestors. To the high altar 20d. After my death, among poor people in Ash, l0s. by penny dole, and John Broke of Richborough with John Broke of Hills shall see the same done. Agnes Amye, my maiden servant, have a cow called Joan, six ewes, a quarter of wheat and barley at her marriage. Laurence Coll, my boy, have six ewes when he is 21 years old. Residue after paying debts to wife Margery and Thomas Stonard my ex’ors, with my well-beloved friend Thomas Goodbarn, butcher, of Sandwich, overseer. That my tenement wherein Stephen Parre, baker, dwelleth with a garden in the parish of St. Mary, Sandwich, to my wife for her life, then to Thomas Stonard on condition he pay to the children of my daughter Joan ElamAndrew, William and Thomas Elamand to Laurence Cole, son of John Elam of Stourmouth, when 21 years old, £10. Witnesses : Thomas Gates of Favershain, merchant, John Broke of Richborough, John Sarys, brorder, of Sandwich.
   *According to the Boys Pedigree John Boys of Fredville in Nonington, who died in 1588, married first Elisabeth, daughter of Nicholas Alday of Checker in Ash, by whom three sons and four daughters.

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