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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 34  1920  page 48
ASH next Sandwich WILLS - Part 1  By Arthur Hussey

28 October 1496. Buried in the churchyard of Wingham on the south side, beside Thomas Busch sometime my husband. To the church of Wingham a gilt cup with a cover, which cup my brother John Billes hath in his keeping, that the value of the cup should make a chalice for the church of Wingham. To the church of Ash the value of  the same cup to make a chalice. John Roger, goldsmith, dwelling in London, have two pairs of sheets. My sister Billes a pair of coral beads gauded with silver gilt, also two pairs of sheets. Residue to my ex’ors, John Saunder, vicar of Ash, and Master Walter Shirborne, chantry priest of Ash. Feoffees: William Berton of Ickham and Sir Stephen Reynolds of Bekesbourne. My manor called Twitham with arable land, pasture, etc., in Wingham and Goodneston, which my father John Billes* gave me, to my feoffees for a chantry† Wingham, but if not sufficient for that purpose to be sold and the money to the churches of Wingham and Ash, in rnasses and other ornaments of the church, and chartable deeds. 
                                                                                            [No probate date.]  (W, fol 7)

   19 Dec. 1520. Buried in the churchyard under the yewe tree and under my father’s stone. High altar 3s. 4d. ; of Our Lady church in Dover 20d. ; of Deal 20d. To the Light of St. Mary in Ash church 12d. ; to the reparation of the church 3s. 4d ; and the repair of bad roads between Ash and Sandwich 20s. A priest sing for me for half a year and have £3  6s. 8d. Wife have all things she had before our espowsage, also four horses at Asha gray, black ballyd,‡  sorell ballyd and a black with a cut tailand four kine at Dover, and 50 ewes at the next Feast of St. John Baptist and 10s. for their ferme. Wife have all my corn at Dover and her wedding
   * John Billes was of Wingham and died in 1475 desiring to be buried in the church of St. Peter in Stowmarket, Suffolk. His lands in Ash, Staple, Wingham, Wodnesbergh and town of Sandwich to his wife Denis for life, then the Manor of  Twitham to his daughter Alice and her heirs and assigns. His son , John was young, and to be provided at school by Denis. (A., fol. 65.)
John Billes the son was of Sandwich, where he died in 1511 desiring to be buried in the church of Wingham, and left a wife Grysill. (A., Vol XII, fol 26)
  This Chantry was not founded, and her brother, John Billes of the parish of St. Mary in Sandwich, evidently bought the manor, for at his death in 1511 he left  "my Manor of Twitham" to his wife Grysill (A., Vol. XII., fol 26)
  This possibly denotes the markings on the horsee.g., pie-bald or skew-bald ; or it might even mean "white-faced" as in the case of a "bald-faced" stag.

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