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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 32  1917  page 123
                       RECULVER AND HOATH WILLS. By Arthur Hussey  Continued

of land called Barres bought from old Thomas Kenett, to the land of Our Lady Light in Hothe north. Total, 27½ acres. Margery paying yearly to Alice, now my wife, 20s. yearly. Also Margery have five acres of land in a crofttcalled Parkefield beside Chistlett Park pale east, and the highway from Hothe to the Forestall north; two acres of wood in Combewood between the chantry wood of Hothe east and west, an acre of meadow beside the chantry meadow of Hothe west, the meadow before limited to Margery east, the said two acres of wood north, and Chistlett Park south; on condition Margery brew or cause to be brewed against the Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist a quarter of malt, and bake half a quarter of wheat yearly, to be distributed and given in Hothe at the said Feast of St. John and in the days following, to such persons as will eat and drink thereof. If Margery, her heirs and assigns make any year default thereof and do not distribute the bread and ale as aforesaid, then the five acres of land, two acres of wood, and acre meadow shall remain to Marione my daughter, now wife of John Paramor, and her heirs, etc., for ever, upon like condition. That daughter Marione have my chief messuage in which I dwell, with eleven acres of land thereto, in the Borough of Hothe: to the chantry land of Hothe north and the highway south; 

thirteen acres of land, meadow, and wood at Combe: to the Park of Chistlett east and south; also four crofts of land and wood at Key of eleven acres: to the land of the heirs of Rauf Tukke west and south, the chantry land of Hothe east. Total, 35 acres. Marione paying yearly to Alice, now my wife, 26s. 8d. yearly. That wife Alice at the next Feast of St. Michael after my death have my messuage and four acres and half of land in Hothe bought from Richard Cantes; a piece of land called the Wax bought of Thomas Rooke in Chistlett of eleven acres, during her life, then to be sold and from the money: to the reparation of the Chapel of Hothe, 5 marcs (66s. 8d.), to every son of my wife 13s. 4d., to eleven poor maidens’ marriage within the Borough of Hothe 40s., and the residue in repair of bad roads by my Feoffees. Also wife Alice have for her life my little messuage against Hothe Cross with four acres of land thereto, between the land sometime of Robert Smyth north, the land of the heirs of Sir John Fyneux, knight, and of the chantry of Hothe west. After the death of Alice to Henry Jenkyn, son of the said Alice. That William Consaunt, according to a bargain and sale to him made, have for ever three parcels of land of eight acres and three yards of land in

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