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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 32  1917  page 121
                       RECULVER AND HOATH WILLS. By Arthur Hussey  Continued

for her life, then to be sold, and the money, 100 marcs (£66 13s. 4d.) in repairing bad roads between Canterbury and Hothe, my next of kin £20, and residue to poor people and in other charitable deeds.*
Probate 30 September 1544.    (Con. vol. 19, fol. 61.),

AGNES HUNTE, widow, late wife of Robert Hunte 
   of Hothe.
   20 October 1545. Buried in the churchyard of Hothe. At my burial three masses. To the wife of Thomas Derliuge my red peticote with the tucke and sinocke. Son Thomas have all my silver spoons and other plate, also the residue after paying debts, etc. Ex’or: Fraunces Balden. Witnesses: Sir William Deykin, Robert Dodde, Thomas Derlinge, Robert Bouger.
No probate date, but 7 April 1546 (p). 
                                                  (Con. vol. 20, fol. 43.)

NICHOLAS IVE of the parish of Hothe in Reculver.
   7 October’ 1518. Buried in the churchyard of Hothe. At my burying, in the church of Hothe mass, etc., to the value of 6s 8d. To the painting of the Roodloft in the church of Hothe, 6s. 8d. That son William and daughters Elynor and 

Cristian each have a cow or 6s. 8d.Residue of goods after paying debts, etc., to Margery my wife and ex’or, with William lye the elder, my father, overseer. Witnesses: John Gillinton, Giles Panting, and William Penny.
Probate 31 January 1518-19. (Con. vol. 12, fol. 127.)

WILLIAM IVYE of Hothe in the parish of Reculver.
   2 June 1526. Buried in the porch of the chapel of Hothe. To High altar of the same Chapel, 8s. 4d.; to the Light of the Cross, four bushels of barley. To the reparation of the Chapel of Hothe, 5 marcs (66s. 8d.). A priest sing for my soul, friends, etc., for half a year, and have 5 marcs. My son-in-law William Alyn have my great kettle, four quarters of wheat, five quarters of barley, two kine, twenty ewes, and 20s. in money. My son-in-law John Paramor have my best coverlet, my cart and court (sic) with the apparel (sic), four quarters of wheat, five quarters of barley, two kine, twenty ewes, and 20s. Joane, wife of Thomas Whittals, have £4. Elinor, daughter of Nicholas Ive, £0 13s. 4d.; and to
   * The wife Agnes probably his second wife, if he is the Robert Hunt who married Joane the widow of Richard Porter who died in 1506.

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