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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 32  1917  page 119
                       RECULVER AND HOATH WILLS. By Arthur Hussey  Continued

Light of Our Lady of Reculver, 40d.; Light of St. Martin (sic), 6d. yearly for six years; and to every Light in the same church (sic), of which I am a sister, a bushel of barley. To the vicar of St. Peter’s in Thanet, two sheep; to William Malyn two sheep, to Custance my daughter a cow. Margaret German have my great brass pot, hanging bed, best chest, pair of beads except one ring to St. Lawrence at Canterbury.* Joane Hikke have my little brass pot; Isabel Shank my stopen (stew-pan or skillet) ; Mary Shank two pewter platters; Agnes Sprakling a platter; Thomas Hikke a two gallon pan and a chafer; Isabell Hikk a gallon pan and skillet. Margaret Jerman have my hanging bed and my feather bed; to Thomas Hykke and Custance Shanke my maser and spoons. To the Chapel of Brodstayer, a towel. Residue to my Ex’ors, Thomas German and Nicholas Shanke, to dispose for my soul. Feoffees: John Everinge, gentleman, and Robert Hawlett. That my son Thomas Hykke have my tenement and lands called Clych, paying to Nicholas Shanke £5, and to the repair of the foul way at Sandpett, 13s. 4d.; and to Margot and Isabell Shanke, 20s. each. Also Thomas have three acres of land called Dunstons for to do a trental of masses for my soul. John German have my place at Reculver. That Thomas Hykke 

do for me every Good Friday three bushels of bread unto the time eight seams † of wheat are done, two bushels in the church of Herne, and one bushel in the church of Reculver. Witnesses: Sir Alexander Hogh, Richard Norwode, Thomas Culmer, John Matthew, Thomas Cosyn, heremyte of Brodestayr.
Probate 20 February 1510-11. (Con. vol. 10, fol. 65.)

ROBERT HUNT of Reculver.
   10 December 1494. Buried in the churchyard of both. To the high altar of both for tithes, 20d., and towards the pewing of’ the church of booth, 20s. That son Robert have for ever after the death of my wife, a great brass pot, another pot of brass of two gallons, two great spits of iron, great ketill of brass, cupboard with a counter, a side table with two forms, and a chair. Also to son Richard the elder, after the death of my wife, my other great brass. Residue of moveable goods to wife Joan. Ex’ors: wife Joan and Thomas Consaunt. My tenement and other lands in the Borough
  * The Leper Hospital in the Old Dover Road.
As a seame was eight bushels, this would be sixty-four bushels, whence it follows that, at three every year, the bequest would last twenty-one years.

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