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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 32  1917  page 118
                       RECULVER AND HOATH WILLS. By Arthur Hussey  Continued

church of Hoth, ten masses. For my soul within my month’s day at the House of Friars Austen ,[in Canterbury] five masses; and at the parish church of St. Paul in Canterbury, five masses. A priest sing for my soul, etc., in the church of Chistlet for quarter of a year, and have 46s. 8d. Residue of my goods in the custody of Thomas Knollar of Hothe to the same Thomas Knollar. but the residue of my other goods, after paying debts, etc., to be divided among my daughters. That William Redwode my godson have my tenement in the parish of St. Paul, Canterbury, he keeping a yearly obit of dirige and mass for seven years in the church of St. Paul on the Monday next after Palm Sunday, the vicar having for his labour and rehearsing of the Bede-roll 8d., and the clerk of the parish 4d.; also William Redwode to deliver in alms to poor people of that parish on Good Friday, in bread to the value of 3s. during seven years, the vicar and parish clerk to have the oversight of it. If William die before he is twenty years old, then remain to his brother Robert in like form and charge. That Richard Knollar of Hothe shall keep my obit in the church of Hothe, to the value of 5s., to be done in diriges and masses, bread and ale, for ten years, always to be done on Dominica in albis* (Low Sunday), and for the same charges Richard Knollar have a croft of 4 acres and half of land called, Barham within the Borough of Hothe.

Daughter Agnes have all my lands in Wickhambroux for ever; daughter Joane my messuage and lands thereto in the Borough of Hothe for her life, and then to Richard her eldest son or heirs, also Joane have one acre and half of land in Herne beside the land of the heirs of John Dubrose; daughter Margery all lands in Reculver in the Borough of Beltinge, and to her issue begotten by her husband John Frankelin.† Witnesses: Sir William Hymour, curate, John Hall, senior, John Franklen, Robert Redwode.
Probate 14 January 1509-10. (Con. vol. 10, fol. 4.)

ISABELLA, widow of John HYKKE of Reculver.
   31 October 1510. Buried in the churchyard of St. Martin of Herne, next my husband.‡ To the high altar of Herne, 20d.;
  * The full title of the feast would be Dominica iii albis depositis, so called because it was on this day that the white robes of those baptized at Easter were put off, after having been worn throughout the octave. -
  Margery Franklen, widow, of Sturry, is mentioned in deeds dated 1539, 1542, and 1547; also her son Nicholas. See Chislet, pp. 154-5.
  John Hykkes or at Sole of Herne died in 1484, and his will is printed in Archaeologia Cantina, Vol. XXVIII., p. 109

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