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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 32  1917  page 114
                       RECULVER AND HOATH WILLS. By Arthur Hussey  Continued

Son John have my place purchased from William But, a yard of land at Over Havyn, and the pasture called Blakisham. Wife Isabelle have and occupy for her life my tenement in Reculver street, with the pasture called Blahisham aforesaid limited unto John, and at her death son Thomas have the tenement in Reculver street. Also Isabelle have three acres at Stoomsoole, four acres at the Cross of Beltynge, three acres at Goldynge acre, two acres at the Culverhouse, until son Thomas is twenty-one years old, then Thomas have the same, but if he die before twenty-one, then at the death of Isabelle to sons Robert and John. Witnesses: Sir John Elmet, parish priest of Reculver, William Hende, Richard Cobbe.
* No Probate date. Vol. 1503-6. (Con. vol. 8, fol. 102.)

                                                  Nicholas HAWLOTT.
   13 February 1510-11. Buried in the churchyard of Reculver. To the Jesus Light,. four bushels of barley; to the Light of St. Thomas, my voyschyn† tapers; also four bushels of barley to the four Lights in the church where is most need to be done. To the church of Reculver a towel, price 8d. That Rose the wife of John Cobb have all my 

wearing volyn (woollen) clothes and lyne sawyng (sic); and John Cobb’s daughter have my best gown and kirtell; and Alice, daughter of John Cobb, my best girdle. To every daughter of John Cobb five owyn (? sheep or ewes), and John Cobb the younger a lamb. Robert and John Hawlott have all my corn save what I have given to the church. Residue of things to Thomas Hawlott the younger. Ex’or, Robert Hawlott, with John Hawlott overseer. Witnesses : John Cob, Thomas Philpot, John Hawlott.
No Probate date.Vol. 1509—11.(Con. vol. 10, fol. 118.)

   9 April 1515. Buried in the churchyard of Reculver. To every Light in the church, 20d. ; and for the waste of two torches at my burial, 5s. Son Alexander have two of my weirs—a flude were and ebwere, also a cow and twenty sheep. Son Peter have my utter were, also a cow and twenty sheep. To every child of my sister two ewes and two lambs.. Margery my wife have a horse,
 * Nicholas Hawlott was the third-son of John, who died in 1479.
Query votive, or the word may be noysohyn.

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