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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 32  1917  page 98
                       RECULVER AND HOATH WILLS. By Arthur Hussey  Continued

land and the other pasture, to be sold, and the money to pay debts, etc. Residue of moveable goods after paying debts, etc., to wife Margaret, except a counter table with a form, and a long table, to remain in the tenement wherein I dwell for ever. Wife have and occupy all my lands and tenements to her use for sixteen years after my death, also my weire set in the sea; then after the sixteen years to all my sons equally, each heir to the other, but if all die without issue, then to wife Margaret if living, for her life, and then to my daughters, but if dead, then to be sold, and the money: to the repair of the church of Reculver, £10; amending highways between Reculver and Bromfelde, £10; and £20 to buy 20 beds for poor people, and the residue to my next kinsfolk, and of my wife. Witnesses: Robert Kempe, William Ewell, Anthony Hicks, William Pennell, Robert Ewell. 
Probate 31 January 1542-3.        (Con. vol. 18, fol. 70.)
    [Note.—For the Wills of the Cobb family of Herne, see Archaeologia Cantiana, Vol. XXVIII., pages 97, 99, 106, 113; Vol. XXX., pages 98, 105, 116.]

   10 December 1507. Buried in the churchyard of Reculver. To the Light of the Cross, 4d.; and of Our Lady 

a bushel of barley. That my ex’ors cause to be said in the same church, within a year after my death, thirty masses, also there be spent at my forthfare 13s. 4d., month’s mind 20s., and anniversary 26s. 8d. Son James have twelve ewes, two kine, all my household, and the residue after paying debts, etc. Robert Balden have ten sheep. Joane Ewell my goddaughter have a little brass pan. Ex’ors: son James and Robert Balden. Feoffees of all my lands and tenements in Herne and Reculver: Robert Balden, Nicholas Ewell, and Thomas Rooke. That son James have all my lands and tenements for ever, except two acres in Cocheyfield in the parish of Hlerne and in the borough of Hawe, which is to be sold and money to pay debts, etc.; if the money not enough, then to be sold another acre of land in the place called Willowes in Herne. Witnesses: Nicholas Ewell and Thomas Rooke. 
No Probate date. Vol. 1506—9.     (Con. vol. 9, fol 63.)

ELISABETH, widow of John EWELL.
   10 Feb . . . (no year entered, query 1509-10). Buried in the churchyard of Reculver. To the Light of Our Lady, 4d.; of St. Nicholas, 2d. To cross-staff, 4d.; every child of Thomas Hyks

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