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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 32  1917  page 85
                       RECULVER AND HOATH WILLS. By Arthur Hussey  Continued

   Robert Hunt in 1495 gave towards the pewing of the church of Hooth 20s.


   The chantry was founded by Thomas Niewe, a former Vicar of Reculver, who in 1355 endowed two chantries in Reculver Church. The Archbishop was the patron and appointed the chaplains, who had a residence, which in 1511 the chantry-priest said was in need of repair.
   28 June 1371. Confirmatio ordinationis trium Cantariarum; duarum videlicet in eccliesia de Recolvere, et tercie in Capella de Hothe eidem annexa, per d’nm Tho. Niewe, rect. de Godmersham, dudum ecclie de Recolvere, vicar, fundat. (Register of Archbishop Whittlesey, fol. 45.)

   1393— . . . Robert Wymark.
        (Coll. 18 Jan. 1392-3. Reg. Courtenay 11, fol. 210.)
   1414— . . . William Leek.
                    (Coll. 17 Oct. 1414. Reg. Chichele, fol. 61.)
   . . . John Wasseyl.
               (Mentioned in 1422. B. M. Harl. Ch. 78, D 21.)
   1422— . . . John Cokkow.
                    (Coll. 8 June 1422. Reg. Chichele, fol. 133.)
   . . . —1423 John Northill.
   1423—26 Thomas Kymbenlee.
                     (Ex. with the former 27 Aug. 1423. Reg.
                                                        Chichele, fol. 142.)
   1426—30 Thomas Pende.
                                 (Col. 20 Oct. 1426, on resignation
                                       of the last chaplain—fol. 164.)
   * This list of chaplains and the other information from the Registers of the Archbishops at Lambeth Palace Library has been kindly supplied by the Rev. T. S. Frampton.

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