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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 32  1917  page 84
                       RECULVER AND HOATH WILLS. By Arthur Hussey  Continued

   Robert Hunte in 1542, in the church at the end of the Trinity altar.
   Thomas Brooke or Cobham in 1545, in the quire.

   This right of burial, both in the chapel and churchyard, may possibly date from 1411, when Archbishop Arundel dedicated the chapel and burial-ground.
   5 June 1410. Mandatum d’mi Archie’pi ad contribuend. fabrice ecclesie de Reycolvre, cum Capellis ab eadem ecclesia dependentibus—fol. 119.
   20 January 11410-11. Dedicatio Capelle de Hothe, ab ecelia de Racolvre dependent, et Cimiterii ejusdem per dnm. Archie’pum—fol. 128 (Register of Archbishop Arundel).
   But the chapel of Hoath was built long before that time, and had an endowed chantry with resident priest, founded in 1355.

The Roodloft, etc.
   Agnes Bery in 1484 gave to the repair and renovation of a pair of silver shoes for the Holy Cross in the chapel 12d.
   Also William Belly and Richard Kenett a similar bequest.
   Laurence Hobb in 1509 gave 3s. 4d. to the roodloft, and Richard Spencer in 1516 gave to the reparation of the roodloft 6s. 8d. Nicholas lye in 1518 to the painting of the roodloft 6s. 8d., and Robert Kennett in 1519 to the gilding of the roodloft 6s. 8d.

   Henry Fanting in 1484 gave towards buying a certain book called Antifoner 6s. 8d.

   Richard Lowes in 1499: To the new bells to be bought for the church of Hoth forty-two sheep of the age of two teeth.

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