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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 32  1917  page 83
                       RECULVER AND HOATH WILLS. By Arthur Hussey  Continued

   John Hawlott, senior, in 1479 left to his son Hamon one weir. in the sea called Upper Weir, near St. Mary Shelp.
   Thomas Hawlott in 1493 left to James, the son of his brother, one weir.
   Hamon Hawlott, who died in 1499, left his weirs by the land to his wife Joane, but his boat and deep weir to his son John. Also if his ex’ors sold his part of the boat (cache) then his brother John was to buy the same. This was probably sold, as John Hawlott in 1505 left to his wife Joane half part of the boat called the Cache with all thereto, and the other half to his son William.
   Robert Hawlott in :4515 left to his son Alexander a flood-weir and one ebb-weir; and to his son Peter the utter-weir.
   John Jermin in 1540 left his weir to his wife during her life, and then to son Thomas.



   This parish was known as the Borough of loath or Hothe (which means Heath), and its church—the chapel of Holy Cross of Hoath—was always annexed to Reculver Church. For on the 10th September 1348 a commission of jurisdiction was granted concerning the parishioners of the church of Reculver and of the chapels of Hothe, of Herne, and the Blessed Nicholas in Thanet dependent from the same. 
      (Register Q fol. 204, Cathedral Library, Canterbury.)

   Dom. Richard bode, the chantry-chaplain, who died in March 1500, was buried in the chancel, and he gave to the altar of St. Margaret in this chapel two cruets.
   William Ivye of Hothe in 1526 desired to be buried in the porch of the chapel, and gave 66s. 8d. to the reparation of the chapel.
   Anthony Meycott of Brooke, in 1533, in the middle path before the quire.

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