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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 31  1915 page 187

STOKE continued
1560 Jan 25 Richard Wilkins Bur.
1574 Mar 31 John son of Nicholas Bushop Bur.
1575 Feb 27 John Wilkins, gent., Bur.
1577 Nov 13 John Ginninges, servant to Mr Yorke, Bur.
1579 June 12 Steven Yorke Bur.
1579 Dec 19 Ric. Saunder, dwelling with Ricard Yorke,
1581 Aug 20 Margrett da. of Nicholas Bushop Bur.
1583 June 21 Ambrose son of Wm Copinger, gent., Bur.
1585 Oct 30 Elizabeth wife of William Copinger, gent., Bur.
1585 Jan 29 Mrs Brigett Bur.
1587 Mar 15 Mrs Anne Poole Bur.
1588 Dec 22 Margrett Bishop, widow, Bur.
1590 Sept 12 Urcilla da. of Raphe Copinger, gent., Bur.
1591 June 4 Widow Bishop Bur.
1594 May 21 John son of Raphe Copinger, gent., Bar.
1596 Mar. 27 Thomas son of George Wilkins, gent., Bur.
1598 Dec 20 Suzan wife of Raphe Copinger, gent., Bur.
1599 Mar 26 Thamison wife of Tho. Randolph, gent., Bur.
1599 Dec 19 John son of William Hubbert Bar.
1600 Aug 12 Marie wife of George Wilkins, gent., Bur.
1605 Dec 13 George Wilkins, gent., Bur.
1606 Sept 6 John son of William Hubbert Bur.
1608 Aug 24 Francis wife of Henry Grimstone, Bur.

1609 June 14 Elizabeth Grimstone Bur.
1612 Mar 14 Margrett Weaver Bur.
1616 Oct. 21 John Busshop Bur.
1621 June 22 Thomas Hubbert Bur.
1623 Aug. 7 Mrs Somrnersby Bur.
1623 Nov. 2 Mr Hubbert, viccar of Stoake, Bur.
1624 Nov. 4 William son of Ralfe Wilkins of Rochester Bur.
1625 June 24 Helen Hutchins, servant of John Spencer,
                         Clarke, Bur.
1625 July 20 Sibbell Hubbert, widow, Bur.
1625 Jan. 10 John Hubbert son of widow Hubbert Bur.
1625 Mar 7 Joane Spencer wife of John Spencer, Clarke, Bur
1625 Mar 7 Eliz. da. of Ralfe Wilkins, Bur.
1633 Oct 2 Ellyn wife of John Spencer, Vicar of this parish,
1637 Jan. 17 John Spencer, Vicar of Stoke, Bur.
1638 Sept. 6 John Miller Bur.
1638 Oct. 20 Thomas son of Thomas & Dorothy Miller Bur.
1643 Oct. 29 Alexander Sumerson Bur.
1648 Apr. 19 Dorothy Miller Bur.
1657 Oct. 30 James son of Edward & Ann Wilkins Bur.
1658 May 18 Henry Gwyn, Vicar of Stoke, Bur.
1658 Feb. 4 John son of Dorothy Miller, widow, Bur.
1659 Oct. 17 Susan da. of Suzan Gwine Bur.
1662 Oct. 17 Edward son of Edward & Anne Wilkins Bur.

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