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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 31  1915 page 185

   On. a separate sheet of paper :-
Wm Spriver was Buryed the 3rd Nov. 1694 at Ludsdown. 
Eliz. Kipps, widow, was Buryed the 6 May 1707, at
             Taken from Ludsdown Register ye 29th Octr 1726. 
                   Per Hen. Jackson, Cl. to Mr Sheafe.
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                        REGISTRUM DE STOKE.
                             Incipit Anno 1559.
                     Guilielmus Hubbert fuit vicarius.
1575 Nov 21 Nicholas Bushop, vicare, godfather to Rose da.
                       of Stephen Frauncis.
1575 Nov 23 George Wilkins, godf. to Jane da. of Richard
1575 Nov 30 Tho. Copinger, godf. to Tho. son of Tho. Randoll,
1575 Nov 30 William Pelham, godf. to the same.
1575 Nov 30 Eliz. Wilkins, godm. to the same.
1575 Jan. 1 Eliz. Wilkins, godm. to Eliz. da. of Tho. Steven.
1575 Jan. 10 Mrs Frauncis Copinger, godm. to Francis da. of
                          Wm Kent.
1575 Jan. 10 Richard Yorke, gent., godf. to the same.

1575 Mar. 3 Thomas Copinger, Esquier, godf. to Tho. son of
                        Wm Berrie.
1575 Mar. 3 Mistris Fraucke, godm. to the same.
1576 Mar. 29 Richard Yorke, gent., godf. Richd son of
                        Alexander Salter.
1580 July 3 Agnis da. of Nicholas Bishop Bapt.
1581 Aug. 27 Eliz. da. of Ralphe Copinger, gent., Bapt.
1582 Jun. 15 John son of Nicholas Bishop, vicar, Bapt.
1583 June 9 Ambrose son of William Copinger, gent., Bapt.
1583 June 23 Ann da. of Raphe Copinger, gent., Bapt.
1585 Sept. 5 Nicholas son of Nicholas Bishop Bapt.
1585 Dec. 25 Frauncis da. of Raphe Copinger, gent., Bapt.
1587 Apr. 9 Urcilla da. of Raphe Copinger, gent., Bapt.
1589 Apr. 27 Ambrose son of Raphe Copinger, gent., Bapt.
1589 Nov. 22 Raphe son of William Hubbert Bapt.
1592 May 21 John son of Raphe Copinger, gent., Bapt.
1593 Mar. 25 Susan da. of George Wilkins, Bapt.
1595 Mar. 30 Raphe son of George Wilkins, gent., Bapt.
1595 Apr. 27 William Posthumus son of Wm Copinger,
                        gent., deceased, Bapt.
1597 May 1 Michaell son of George Wilkins, gent., Bapt.
1599 Mar. 25 Eliz. da. of Thomas Randolph, gent., Bapt.
1599 Dec 18 John son of Wm Hubbert Bapt.

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