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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 31  1915 page 184

1615 Mar. 7 Mr Charles Nevill, Esqr, Bur.
1615 Mar 21 Mr Tho. Nevill, Esqr, Bur.
1615 Mar 24 Mr Jhon Nevill, Esqr, Bur.
1620 Oct. 1 Joanne d. of Mr Norton Bapt.
1628 Sept 5 Thomas Ditchfeild, Rector of Luddesdowne, Bur.
1631 Sept 29 Jane d. of John Johnson, Rector of
                        Luddesdown, & Benedicta his wife Bapt.
1633 Aug 29 William s. of John Johnson, Rr of Luddesdown,
1642 Mar 25 Frances d. of Mr Wm Wiseman & Anne his wife
1643 July 27 Charles s. of Mr Wm Wiseman & Anne his wife
1636 June 30 Henry Selby of Rochr & Mary Evans of Lond.
1638 Sept 22 Augustine Cosar of Rochr, Physician, and
                        Alice Dering of Luddesdowne, daur of 
                        Mr Finch Dering of Charing, Mar.
1642 Apr 22 Nicholas s. of John Johnson, Rector of 
                        Lnddesdowne, & Eliz. dau. of Tho. Browne
                        of Cuxton Mar.
1629 Dec 26 Captain Charles Johnson father of John
                         Johnson, Rector of Luddesdowne, Bur.
1657 Mar 20 John Johnson, Rector of this parish, Bur.
1659 Apr 21 Bartholomew Pinckney, Rector of this Parish,

1659 July 12 William Whittle seems to have been soon after
                      this time Rector of Luddesdowne.
1659 . . . . Benedicta wife of John Johnson, Rr of ys p’ish,
1661 Sept 12 Hester d. of Wm Whittle, Rr, and Anne his wife
1663 July 23 Thurston s. of Wm Whittle, rector, etc., Bapt.

   Here are also enter’d several other children of Mr John
Johnson & Mr Whittle, rectors of this Church.

   Mr Thornton informs me that Mr Wm Whittle was son of 
Mr. . . . Whittle, Vicar of East Mailing, and he believes he
was buried at East Mailing near his Father.

   Mr Burleston succeeded Mr Wm Whittle in this Rectory and exchanged it with Mr Stephen Thornton (the present Rectr) for the Rectory of Warehorne. Mr Burleston had also the Rectory of Midley. He was buried either at Teston or Watringbury; sed Quaere.
   At the end of this Register-book are enter’d several Christnings, Marriages, and Burials, solemnized by Mr John Johnson at several churches in this diocese, during the time he was sequestered from this Benefice, in the great Rebellion.

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