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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 31  1915 page 182

LEIGHE  (Leigh) continued
1562 Dec 27 John s. of Mr... . Walker Bapt.
1565 June 4 Clement d. of Mr John Waller Bapt.
1567. Dec 30 Mr John Waller Bur. at Speldhurst. He died 
                         at Hall-place.
1568 Sept 26 Henry Alexander & Bridget Lewkner Mar.
1509 May   2 Edward Ryvers & Alice Latter, widow, Mar.
1571 Feb   7 Mr John Styler & Mrs Mary Wailer Mar.
1572 Febr  1 William s. of Mr Parpoynte Bapt.
1573 May  6 William Ryvers Bur.
1574 June 13 Sybell d. of Edward Ryvers Bapt.
1575 Apr   4 Robart Cassinghurst & Jone Budgen Mar.
1575 July 20 Eljz. wife of Mr Robart Lewknor, Esq., Bur.
1577 Apr  23 Katherine d. of Mr Steven Teboll Bapt.
1576 Jan. 31 John s. of John Budgen Bur.
1577 June 11 Eliz: d. of Mr Richard Waller Bapt.
1578 Aug  11 Mr Geo. Wilkyns & Mrs Mary Waston d. of 
                          Mr Michaell Waston Mar.
1578 Sept  7 Martha d. of Edw. Ryvers Bapt.
1578 Oct  30 John s. of Mr Rychard Waller Bapt.
1578 Jan   2  John s. of Mr Rychard Waller Bur.
1578 Feb 16 M Michaell Waston Bur. in ye south chancell
1579 Jan   7 Mr Robert Lewknor, Esqr, Bur. in ye chancell
1580 Febr 5 Mrs Margaret Banbricke Bur. at Speldhurst
1581 Dec 10 Edw. s. of Edward Ryvers Bapt.

1584 June 29 Eliz. Ryvers Bur.
1585 July   3 Alice wif John Goddon, vicar, Bur.
1586 Dec 30 Thomas s. of Mr Richard Waller Bapt.
1586 Feb. 16 . . . . d. of Richard Polhill Bapt.
1587 Nov  6 Rychard Johnson & Hellen Budgen Mar.
1588 Apr  1 Henry s. of Mr Nicholas Draper Bapt.
1588 June 2 Rychard Thorpe & Bridget Coale Mar.
1589 Oct 13 John Chart, minister of this parish, & Clemenc
                       Clark d. of John Clark, Mar.
1589 Nov. 2 Margaret d. of Mr Rychard Waller, gent., Bapt.
1590 Feb 9 Frauncis s. of Mr Shakerley Bapt.
1590 Feb 11 John Smith & Eliz. Combridge, widow, mar.
1591 Sept 29 Thomas a. of Rychard Polhill Bapt.
1591 Natus duodecimo Baptizatus decimo quinto die mensis
                 Marcii Joannes filius Joannis Chart ministri et
                 concinatoris de Leigh.
1592 June 10 John s. of John Chart, clark, Bur.
1592 Dec. . . Mr Henry Lea, vicar of Linton, & Joane . . . Mar.
1592 Jan. 2 John s. of Mr Richard Waller Bapt.
1593 July 24 Barbara d. of Richard Polhill of Tonbridge Bapt.
1593 July 29 Anne d. of Mr John Werton Bapt.
1593 Jan. 18 An infant of Nicholas Gybbyns, minister and
                       preacher of ye word of God, Bur
1593 Feb  1 Anne wife of Thomas Baker, gent., Bur.

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