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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 31  1915 page 178


In the library of the Society of Antiquaries amongst the Thorpe MSS. is a thin folio volume, numbered clxxx., containing extracts from the Parish Registers of twenty-three parishes in West Kent. A list of these is given on pages 40-1 of The Parish Registers and Records in the Diocese of Rochester, published by the Kent Archaeological Society in 1912. Of the parish registers named no less than six have unfortunately been lost since the extracts were made, and it has been thought desirable to place the entries preserved to us in this MS. on permanent record in these pages.
   The extracts are all in one handwriting, and appear to have been made in 1726-7. The entries it will be noted 
nearly all relate to the clergy and gentry, and apparently one of the particular objects of the transcriber was to collect the names of the parochial clergy.
   The extracts have not been rearranged, but are printed exactly as in the transcripts, since they appear to preserve for us the make-up of the original registers.

SELE, Ao. 1561. (Seal)
Transcript. Registr. incipit Nov. 18. Ao 1mo  Gylberti Jenyns Vicarii ib: et Ao  Eliz. Begin. 4to 

1561   Nov.  24  John s. of John Tebold, gent., Bapt.
1563   May  20  Silvester d. of John Tebold, gent., Bapt.
1564   Oct.  30  Alyce d. of John Tebald, gent., Bapt.

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