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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 30  1914  page 121
HERNE WILLS: ABSTRACTS.—II. By Arthur Hussey  Continued

130.—THOMAS GORR. (See Nos. 25 and 123.)
   13 July 1540. To be buried in the Church before the Font. Towards the shoting [i.e. casting] of the leads at the north aisle of the Church £3, to be paid when the plumbers begin the work. To the Light of the Cross, 4d; to the Light before the Sacrament, 4d. To Thomas Ridar my son-in-law, my best gown, doublet, etc.; and to Annes Ridar my dau., two girdles harnessed with silver, etc. Witnesses: Sir Wm. Helling, curate, Thomas Notingham the elder, Richard Church, Nicholas Marsh, Thomas Alys.
Prob. 4 March 1541-2.          (Con. Vol. XVIII., fol. 2.)

   3 December 1541. To be buried in the Church next unto the grave of John Maycott, being before the Jesus Altar in the Church. Towards buying a canopy to bear over the sacrament going a procession, 20s.; and towards the cloth to lay over the brides when they are married, 40s. A taper to burn for twelve months before the sacrament, 5s. At Swynfield a mass for my soul and parents, and to poor folk of Swynfield,* 20s. To the heirs male of my uncle Nicholas Smersall, £20. To my sister Margaret, 20 marcs and a bed 

with all the implements thereto of the value of 40s. To Sir William Michell, chantry-priest of Herne, 20s.; and to Sir William Bowker, l0s. To Mistress Oxinden, a kyelle (sic) cloth of chamlet. Ex’ors: William Fineuxs, † Esquire, and William Oxenden,‡  gentleman, each to have £3 6s. 8d., and my Lady Fineux overseer.§ 
Prob 1541.                        (Vol. XVIII., fol. 32.)

132.—WILLIAM MICHELL, Chantry-priest of the
                                                    Chantry of Herne.
   12 Nov. 1540. To be buried in the churchyard before the Altar in Our Lady Chapel. To John Norwood, my best feather bed with all things thereto, and my barley in the Barn at the Chantry. To
  * That is Swingfield, where there is a place called Smersall.
   †  He was the son of Sir John Fineux. (See No. 135.)
   ‡  Possibly the William Oxenden who was buried at Wingham 10 April 1576, and married Elisabeth Hill (or Hyles), whose Will is printed in Archceologia Cantiana, Vol VI., p. 285.
   §  Elisabeth (dau. of Sir John Paston), the widow of Sir John Fineux, died 12 August 1539, so this would be Frideswide, the wife of Wm.. Fineux.

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