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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 30  1914  page 115
HERNE WILLS: ABSTRACTS.—II. By Arthur Hussey  Continued

   Trinity Sunday 1520. To be buried in the churchyard. Wife Joan to have my tenement in Herne Street with the garden, and she shall keep the light before St. Anne, five tapers to be striken once in the year, with 2½ lbs. of wax. At the death of Joan, then to dau. Elynor, keeping the same lights. To son Powle my shirt and other articles of.. clothing. Wife Joan executrix. 
Prob. 21 Feb. 152O-1.                    (Vol. XIII., fol. 72;)

   16 May 1522. To be buried in the churchyard. To son Francis, my plough, etc., two working bullocks, cart, and all the movables pertaining to my shop and being in the same, paying yearly to Joan my wife 3s. 4d. To dau. Avice, all such linen, brass, and pewter that were her sister’s Joan, also a young cow called an haugher [heifer]. Towards gilding the new rood-loft in the church, 6s. 8d. Residue of instuff, two parts to wife Joan, and one part to son Francis. Of all my lands and tenements, wife Joan to have a messuage with appurts. in Herne Street for her life, and if my sister Mildred Ridar will dwell in the same with Joan, then Mildred to have half the same messuage during 

her life, and at their death then to son Francis. Dau. Avice to have my tenement called Pompletys, and to her heirs, but if none at the death of Avice to be sold, and with the money 13s. 4d. in diriges and masses, etc., for my soul, wife, children, etc., and the residue in the carriage of gravel and stones to be laid in the highway between my house at Bromefield and Herne Church. Wife Joan to have and receive the yearly profits, etc., from half my lands, etc., during her life, then to son Francis. 
No Probate date (Vol. 1519—23). (Vol. XIII., fol. 107.).

                           (See No. 50 in Vol. XXVIII., p. 108.)
   26 April 1525. To be buried in the churchyard. To dau. Elenor, now wife of Richard Jode, five mares (£3 6s. 8d.); and to Plesaunce, the dau. of Richard Jode, to her marriage, 40s. To dau. Cecilie, wife to Thos. Consaunt, 40s. To dau. Margaret, to her marriage, five mares. Ex’ors: Wife Joan and Richard Jode. Son Richard to have four acres of land called Helborowe land, a long acre called the Busshe, four and half acres beside the Cliff (bought of the heirs of Chamber), two acres called Shephowse, and

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