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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 30  1914  page 109
HERNE WILLS: ABSTRACTS.—II. By Arthur Hussey  Continued

To the Church of Herne., a cow in the keeping of Wm. a See my son, the profit and farm to the sustentation of the Light of Our Lady of Pity yearly l6d., and the residue yearly to the Light of St. Katherine in the Church. To Joan Webston, my blue gown furred. To Cristian Miller, my murray gown lined and a smoke. To my son William all the residue of my stuff. At my forth berying in Mass and Binge and other charitable deeds, 26s. 8d.; at my month’s mind, 40s.; and twelvemonths’ mind,, 40s. To every of the children of my "dau. Elenor, 20d., and Elenor executrix, and to have the house where I now dwell with a garden thereto in Herne. 
No Prob. entered (Vol. 1509—11).   (Vol X., fol. 117.)

101.—JOHN CATON, Vicar of Herne.
   4 July 1511. To be buried in the churchyard next to the grave of my mother. To the Church to honour God at necessary times, to lie afore the high altar of St. Martin in the same Church, my best coverlet of blowe and white. To the reparation of the Church, £5. To Mr. Selling and Mr. Dover of St. Augustine’s at Canterbury, 6s. 8d. each. A priest to sing in the Church for me for two years and have 20 mares (£13 6s. 8d.). Ex’ors: William Lyngcoll and William Litlewood. To John Rende my cousin, the 

tenement which I bought of John Martin at Roking Grove; and to Thomas Rende my cousin, two parcels of land at Upperstrowde. 
No Probate date (Vol 1511—15).       (Vol. XI., fol. 1.)

                         (See No. 27 in Vol. XXVIII., p. 101.)
   11 September 1511. To be buried in the Church, and to the reparation of the same Church, 12d. To the Lights of Our Lady, St. Martin, and St. Peter, to each 4d. To the maintenance of the Mass of Jesus, and the Light in the basin of St. James, to each one ewe. To Thomas, the son of James at Church my brother, a cow and six ewes. My greatest kettle to remain to my principal place for ever. Ex’ors: my wife Margaret and Robert at See. Feoffees: John Yonge, Thos. Knoller, Francis Rigden, and. Wm. Aleyn. Wife Margaret to have all the profits of my lands and tenements for life, then the churchwardens of Herne to have for twenty years 6s. 8d. out of three acres of land in a croft called Downegrove, between the lands of Agnes Aleyn, widow, to the east, the land of John Greneham west, the king’s street south, the land of Valentine Cobb north, with which 6s, 8d. the churchwardens to keep a yearly

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