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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 30  1914  page 104
HERNE WILLS: ABSTRACTS.—II. By Arthur Hussey  Continued

my husband’s best gown, a feather bed with a traunson, my second. coverlet, pair of blankets, pair. of sheets, a great spit, a painted. cloth hanging in the hail; also to my sister his wife, a tukkyng girdle harnessed with silver. That my mother Elynore and brother William Consaunt shall occupy and take the profits of all such lands and tenements which late were my husband’s for the term by him in his last will to me bequeathed, to be bestowed for the health of my soul after the death of Elynore and William, who are to be my ex’ors. Witnesses: Mr. Vicar of Herne, James Paramore, John Clarke. 
Prob. date not entered.                       (Vol. IX., fol. 22.)

   31 August 1506. To be buried in the churchyard of Faversham. Bequeaths to son John all his houses and lands called Hedington. in Herne; to son Henry, five acres called Come in Herne; and to John bode his godson, son of Christopher Hode, eight and half acres of land at Studhill in Herne, and four acres in Swhalflete. 
Prob. 22 April 1507.              (Archdeaconry Vol. X., 6.)

   16 March 1507-8. To be buried in the churchyard. To the Lights of St. Martin, Our Lady, Our Lady of Pity, St. Katherine, and St. Peter, to each a bushel of barley. My wife [Isabell*] to have a chamber in my homestall† for her life and six mares (£4) yearly, to be paid by Thomas my son; also wife to have all the grain on the ground, three kine, 20 ewes, 10 wethers of the best. To dau. Margaret, one acre of land at Upstreet for ever; and that Saunder German, one of the Sons of my said dau., have three acres of land at Haukette; to John German, son of my dau. Margaret,. three acres of land at Milham To Thomas German, son of Margaret, one and half acres of land price 40s. To Margaret German, dau. of my dau. Margaret, 4 marcs (£2 13s. 4d) to her marriage. To Joan, the dau. of my son Thomas, 40s.; to Agnes and Isabell, daus. of my son, four marcs to their marriage. To my
   * "Isabelle, widow of John Hikke," afterwards lived at Reculver, and by her will, dated 31 October 1510, desired to be buried in the churchyard of St. Martin of Herne next to her husband. One of the witnesses to her will was Thomas Cosyn, heremyte, of Brodesteyr (in Reculver). (Con. Vol. X., fol. 65.)
  † An obsolete form, of Homestead—New Eng. Dict.

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