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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 30  1914  page 102
HERNE WILLS: ABSTRACTS.—II. By Arthur Hussey  Continued

   10 Sept. 1505. To be buried in the churchyard. To the high altar, 6s. 8d.; to the Lights of Our Lady and St. Peter to each a bushel of barley. That my daus. Joan, Katherine, and Elys have six ewes each. Residue to wife Avice, who with son Gregory ex’ors. Wife to have my tenement at Bromefield in the Borough of Hege, with all my lands for five years after my death; then to son Gregory, with twelve acres of arabic land and one acre of wood next to the place, and to his heirs for ever. Son Anthony to have twelve acres of arable land and the residue of the wood. My two Sons to pay yearly to my wife, 20s., after the term of five years. 
No Prob. Vol. for 1503-6.              (Vol. VIII., fol. 121.)

85.—JOAN, late wife of ROBERT PHELIP  (See No 81.)
   18 August 1506. To be buried in the churchyard. To the Light of Our Lady, a bushel of wheat. To dau. Isabelle, a cow, young heifer, ten ewes, a red coverlet, two pairs of sheets, etc. To son William, a mare with a foal, and a young calf, and to my son’s wife a russet gown. To Richard Lentin and Agnes Lentin my dau., one heifer, a calf, etc. To Isabel Kepe, one ewe, and to Julian Knepe, four bushels of 

wheat. Ex’ors: son William and Richard Lentin. 
Prob. 7 August 1506.                    (Vol. VIII, fol. 143.)

86.—WILLIAM PHELIPPS. (See No. 81.)
   26 July 1506. To be buried in the churchyard next to the grave of my father. To the high altar, 3s. 4d.; to the Light of St. Martin, 12d. Ex’ors to sell five acres of land at Cultonyes, nine acres at Hilling, four acres at Belebregge, and nine acres at Strode, and with the money pay debts, etc., the residue to Margery my wife, who with William at See and Elinore, late wife of Thomas Everard, to be ex’ors. Wife Margery to have the tenement where I live and sixty acres of land adjoining for one year, and if Margery be with child then she shall have the tenement until the child is sixteen; then the same child to have it, paying to Margery during her life 40s. yearly. If no child then Walter Colman have my aforesaid tenement and lands, until his son Lawrence Colman, my godson, is sixteen, paying to my wife the 40s. yearly, then Lawrence to have the same; but if Lawrence die before sixteen, then to my next heirs for ever. To Richard Howting my cousin four acres of land at Whiltey, and to his sister Katherine, now wife

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