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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 30  1914  page 93

(Continued from Vol. XXVIII, p. 114.).

62.—MARGARET, widow of JOHN HYK. 
           (See No. 50, Vol. XXVIII., p. 108.)
   18 October 1492. To be buried in the churchyard. To son Alexander, a querne,* and for the same he to give to his brother Thomas, 12d.  Also Alexander have the youngest grey horse, a calf, a brass pot, and a pan, a pan unbounded of brass, pair of sheets, coverlet with birds wrought thereon, diaper towel, Borde cloth, and flat bason of laten. To son George, a querne* in the kitchen, a donne [? dun] horse, black cow, the best calf, one great pot of brass, great kettle of brass, stopyn† of brass, flat basin, my best coverlet, a pair of sheets of the best hemp, arid my best borde cloth. To son Thomas, a baye horse, cow, bull calf, a kettle and my middle pan of brass, pair of sheets, and a horde cloth. To son Richard, a cow called Tyt, a new kettle and the ringell stopyn of brass, pair of sheets, and a borde cloth. Daughter Isabell have two ewes, and to
every of her children two ewes. Sons Alexander and George have my cart with its apparel. To son Alexander, all my part of the wood of Southwood and a croft with appurtenances before the gate of Richard Paramore. Son George to have the tenement where I live, with five acres of land, and a weir annexed unto the weir of Nicholas Hawlott. Son Thomas have the tenement with lands lately bought of Wm. Felton, a piece of land called Thornfeld, parcel of wood and land called the Nek, and a weir late of Henry Lynches. Son Richard, the land called the Little Downe, three acres at the Bekyn, and four acres called Helbarough land, and the land weir. Sons Alexander and George ex’ors. 
Prob,. 18 Dec. 1492. (Vol. III., fol. 329.) 
  * A handmill for grinding grain or seed.
   † A stuppin or stupen is a stew-ran or skillet,—Parish and Shaw, .Dict. Kentish Dialect,

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