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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 28  1909  page 372

Sybill Arms at Little Mote, Eynsford By George C. Druce continued

that they were covered on the back with lead, and that no image was reflected when the lead was scraped off . . . . That this invention cannot be much older we have reason to conclude, because glass mirrors were extremely scarce in France even in the fourteenth century, while mirrors of metal were in common use; and we are told that the mirror of Anne de Bretagne, consort of Louis XII., was of the latter kind."
   In the French MS. the word used is "Mireor," which would apply to either kind. We may suppose that the copyists of the English MSS., being aware of the new fashion, incorporatedthe words "sperarn de vitro" in their text instead of "speculurn."
   The consideration of the later development of the Tiger and the Mirror in heraldry into the Lion and the Ball or the Lion and the Globe scarcely falls within the province of this Paper, but it is interesting as evidence of changes due to confusion. The Tiger and the Lion became mixed up, and the mirror turned into a sphere, ball, or terrestrial globe.

   In conclusion, I have to express my acknowledgments to Mr. and Mrs. Fountain for their kindness in allowing me to photograph the spandril at Little Mote, Eynsford (Plate II. 2), and also to Mr. E. D. Till of Eynsford for much valuable assistance given.

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