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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol.  28  1909  page 362
ALLINGTON CASTLE. By Sir W. Martin Conway, M.A., F.S.A.

not know. My object has been to preserve all the historical features that can be kept, and at the same time to make the place a comfortable residence. The new battlements accurately reproduce such of the old ones as had been removed. Where I want windows I make them, and no one will ever confound my windows with earlier work. Ultimately I hope the place will be a credit to the neighbourhood, but I must confess that primarily I am at work upon it to satisfy myself. I must add in conclusion that the assistance and advice I have received from my old friend Mr. W. D. CaroŽ as architect have been of the most important and determining character, and that the details are his. My share of the work has been confined to discovering historical facts and to planning the arrangement of internal communications and adaptations for living purposes.

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  Since writing the above I have discovered the position of the original postern. Its remains exist, blocked up, at the east end of the south wall, just below a small window inserted by Wyatt. The doorway is at so low a level that it must have been reached by steps descending to it from the inner courtyard. I have also discovered that the northeast tower, assigned to Penchester, was built on older foundations.
   There are remains of the ends of walls at the exit of the moat into the Medway. These probably supported some form of weir or water-gate, by means of which the moat could be kept full of water at au states of the tide. Only spring tides can ever have filled it.
   From Brewer and. Gairdnerís Henry VIII. (vol. ii., p. 226) I learn that Cavendish was wrong in saying that Henry VIII. met Wolsey at Allington in 1527. Wolsey probably visited Sir H. Wyatt on his way from Dover to London, but it was at Richmond that he met the king.

                                                MARTIN CONWAY.

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