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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol.  28  1909  page 352
ALLINGTON CASTLE. By Sir W. Martin Conway, M.A., F.S.A.

buried in Penshurst Church under an altar-tomb; only a portion of his effigy remains. It seems to have been carved in the same workshop as the effigy of his son-in-law, Sir Henry de Cobham, in Shorne Church. Allington belonged, as aforesaid, to his widow Margery for life. She is recorded as having held it as half a knight’s fee of John de Roos as of his manor of Horton Kirkby, and he of the archbishop. Penchester by his first wife had two daughters, Joan (b. 1259) and Alice (b. 1269). Joan married Sir Henry de Cobham of Rundall-in-Shorn, and in due course conveyed Allington to him, when the widow Margaret died in 2 Edward II. (1308-9). The other daughter, Alice, married Sir Philip de Columbers. She inherited Penshurst* and Lyghe. Henry de Cobham was surnamed "le Uncle." He was second son of John de Cobham, and was the first Justiciary of all England, Warden of the Cinque Ports, and Constable of Dover, Rochester, and Tonbridge Castles. He was more than once Sheriff of Kent. In 1282 he was with Edward I. at the siege of Caerlaverock. When he died, about 1316, his widow Joan held Allington till her death in 

18 Edward II. (1324-5). She was succeeded at Allington by her son Stephen de Cobham. His wife was named Anicia or Avice. He was summoned to Parliament from 20 Edward II. to 6 Edward III., in which year (1332) he died. Allington was held by his widow till her death in 1340, and she was succeeded by her son John de Cobham (b. 1319). In 1342 John de Cobham was in parts beyond the sea in the King’s service.† He was one of the retinue of his uncle Reginald de Cobham in the expedition to France.‡ In 1346 he paid aid for Allington as half a knight’s fee at the knighting of the Black Prince.§ He died 14 September 1362. He was succeeded by his son Thomas
   * The Lieger booke of Feversham, quoted by J. Weever (Monuments, p. 330), states: "Alicia vero natu minor Stephani de Pynchester filia et una Heredum in virum accepit Dominum Philippum de Columbaris militem, ex qua duos suscepit filios, Stephanum et Thomam."
   Calendar, Close Rolls, Edward III., 1341-3, p. 683.
   § State Papers. Feudal Acts, vol. iii., p. 42.

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