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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 28  1909  page 108
HERNE WILLS: ABSTRACTS.I. By Arthur Hussey  continued

Percival. Wife Joan to have my messuage at Seastreet, with all lands, etc., for her life, except three rods at Seynts, which shall be sold to pay debts, etc. After death of Joan, then Robt. Notingham have the aforesaid messuage with seven acres of land
Prob. 12 Nov. 1481.                           (Vol. II., fol. 530.)

   10 July 1482. To be buried in the churchyard. Wife Alice to be exor with John, son of Hamo Hykk. All lands and tenements to wife Alice for life, then to sons equally if alive, or if dead to daus., but if none of his children survive his wife, then to be sold, and five marcs (23 6s. 8d.) for a secular priest to sing for my soul for half a year in the Parish Church; and in mending the highway between Underdowne and the Croft at Strode, 40s.; am towards a new rood loft in the Church, five mares. 
Prob. 11 Nov 1482.                          (Vol. II., fol. 546.)

48.  ISABELLA, wife of THOS. COLPYE.
   29 Sept. 1482. To be buried in the churchyard near the place where the body of John Notingham, junior, formerly my husband is buried (see No. 45). Thos. Colpye my 

 husband have for his life my right of use of all those lands and tenements which the afore said John Notingham gave to me, for twenty years. Residue t husband, who exor.
Prob. 16 Dec. 1482.                         (Vol. II., fol. 545.)

   10 Dec. 1482. To be buried in the churchyard. To son Geoffrey, a horse, to be disposed in exequies and mass and other good works for my soul. Residue to wife Isabella, who executrix Feoffees: Wm. lye of Hoth, John Hammond, John at Hall, junior who are to sell an acre of land at Westbroke, and my wife Isabeth have the money. Also wife to occupy my messuage with a garden for life, then to son Geoffrey and his heirs; but if Geoffrey die before his mother, then to be sold and 6s. 8d. to the fabric of the Church, and in mass for two years in the Church.
Prob. 27 January 1482-3.                  (Vol. II., fol. 550.)

50.  JOHN HYKKS, senior. (See No. 43.)
   13 March 1482-3. To be buried in the churchyard. Twenty marcs (13 6t. 8d.) to provide a chaplain in the Church for two years after my death, for my soul, parents, children, etc. Residue

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