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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 28  1909  page 106
HERNE WILLS: ABSTRACTS.—I. By Arthur Hussey  continued

be sold to pay debts, etc. Wife Margerie to have my messuage, with two acres of land, for her life, then to William, John and Nicholas, my sons. To daughter Cristine, 20s. 
Prob. 15 Nov. 1479.                        (Vol. II., fol. 461.)

   18 Dec. 1479. To be buried in the churchyard. To wife Dionise all my chattels, and with James Hik ex’ors. Wife have my messuage at Hunterstreet, with ten acres adjoining, also eight acres at Dengewolde, and one rod of land called Little Farthing, one croft at Swyllinge, two pieces of land at Soudhill and Brodpetehill until son Nicholas is sixteen years old. Also Dionise have three acres of land at Bregge until Margeria and Rose my daus. shall be married, then they to have the same. 
Prob. 31 January 1479-80.              (Vol. II., fol. 466.)

   10 Feb. 1479-80. To be buried in the churchyard. To the Light of St. Martin, two bushels of barley, payable in Feast of St. Michael the Archangel; Light of St. Peter, one bushel of barley. To Isabell Kenett, wife of Nicholas Kenett, four ewes. To William Moyse, 20s. and six ewes. To Beatrice 

Moyse, 20s., six ewes, and one pan, next to the best. To Alice, dau. of Thos. Philipp, one girdle with  silver mountings; also to Simon Browne a girdle with silver mountings, and a similar girdle to Margerie, wife of Simon. Simon Browne ex’or, and Thos. Philipp overseer. Simon Brown have three acres of land in Borough of Beltinge and a weir in the sea at St. Marys geif (sic). A chaplain to celebrate for my soul, and Margery my wife, and parents, etc., for one year in the Church. 
Prob. 10 April 1480.                        (Vol. II., fol. 482.)

42.—ROBERT COBB. (See No. 23.)
   20 March 1479-80. To be buried in the churchyard. To the Light of St. Peter, a bushel of barley. To daughter Joan 40s. at her marriage, but if she die, then to my wife Alice, who with Robt. Notingham ex’ors. Feoffees: Robt. Notingham, Thos. Cobb, John Hammond of Westbroke, and Wm. Torre. Wife Alice to have two acres of land at Halbush. Son Robert, two acres in Borough of Hampton, between land of Thos. Aleyn to the east and a road belonging to the tenement of Thos. Aleyn to north. Son Valentine to have two acres in Edington fields, between land of Wm. Philipp to the east and. of John Notingham to the west. Son Richard, two

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