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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 28  1909  page 103
HERNE WILLS: ABSTRACTS.—I. By Arthur Hussey  continued

etc. Son John to have the tenement that I bought of Nicholas Aleyn, paying to his brother Nicholas 6s. 8d. for four years. Wife to have the messuage bought from Wm. Dyne for her life, then to John my son. 
Prob. 31 May 1475.                         (Vol. II., fol. 308.)

32.  JOAN MANSTON,* formerly 
                                 wife of Wm. MANSTON.
   6 Feb. 1475-6. To be buried in the Church of Herne before the door of the chancel (cancellus) of St. Mary. To the high altar for tithes, 6s. 8d. To the buying of a carpet† (tapetum) to hang before the high altar on the chief festivals, 40s. A chaplain to celebrate in the Church for half a year and have five marce (£3 6s. 8d.). A chaplain to celebrate in the chapel (capella) of St. Pancras, situate in the cemetery of St. Augustine outside the walls of Canterbury, for my soul and soul of John Manston my son, whose body rests there for a quarter of a year, 33s. 4d. A chaplain to celebrate in the Church of St. Lawrence in Thanet for a quarter of a year, 33s 4d., for my soul, the soul of Wm. Manston my husband, my sons and all the faithful departed; To the Monastery of Christchurch, 40s., to pray for my soul, my husband and children. To the Monastery of St. Augustine, 40s. in like manner. To John 

Loverick, son of Anthony Loverick my brother, 40s.; and to Joan, dau. of Henry Loverick my brother, 40s. Residue to Thos. Loverick my brother, who ex’or, to dispose for my soul, and of Wm. Manston, etc. 
Prob. 4 March 1475-6.                    (Vol. II., fol. 324.)

   6 Nov. 1476. To be buried in the churchyard. To the high altar for tithes, 4d. To the high altar of Swalcliff, 12d. To the Light of St. Martin in Herne Church,. a bushel of barley. To William Boston, 6s. 8d. To Thos. Derard and John Comp, each a ewe; Matilda Atnoke, two ewes; Joan May, wife of Ricd. May, a bull calf of one year; John Fanting, a bull calf. Wife Joan to have all utensils of my house, also a cart and plough, six cows, and fifty sheep at her own choice, also four mares. Wife Joan, with Wm. Taylor (otherwise called Paramore), ex’ors. Four acres of land in the Borough of Thornden, called the Craw, to be sold and
   * She was a Joan Leverick of Herne, who married William Manston of St. Lawrence in Thanet. (See Corner of Kent, by J.R. Planche, p. 375, and Hist. of St. Lawrence in Thanet, by Dr. Cotton, p. 194.)
     † A carpet in the Middle Ages was used for covering tables, benches, or bede, not the floor.
(Record Interpreter.)

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