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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 28  1909  page 91
HERNE WILLS: ABSTRACTS.—I. By Arthur Hussey  continued

thirteen silver cups and one standing maser, nineteen pieces of pewter vessels, one charger, six plates, six dishes, six salts, one pot, one kettle, three lamps, and the best pottle. To my wife Juliane, all other goods not bequeathed in living-room (aula), bed-room (camera), and kitchen, also two mares, four cows, forty ewes, and another forty called wedres [wethers]. Residue to Thos. Phillipp and William Aleyne my kinsman (cognatus), who ex’ors. Feoffees: Matthew Philipp,* citizen and alderman of the City of London, Thos. Philipp, Wm. Aleyne, William Paramor of Herne, and Thos. Hoo of Whitstaple. After my death they to sell two pieces of land in parish of Whitstaple, one called Brodemede and Athorne, and another near the gate (porta) of the Church of Whitstaple, between the land of John Parker to the west, of John Roper north, of John Strete east, and of John Roper and the heirs of John Rogers south; and with the money to provide a priest in the chapel of St. John the Baptist in Herne Church for two years to celebrate for the welfare of my soul, my wife’s soul, and the souls of my parents, benefactors, and all the faithful departed. Matthew Philipp my brother shall come to one of my obits within two years after my death, and have 40s. for his expenses. John Folder to have three acres of land called Loggens in Swalclyff; and Richard Troke another three 

acres near Loggens mede. Thomas Philipp my brother two pieces of land in Herne called Hodlowes and Balebregge. Wife Juliane all lands, tenements, rents, meadows, pastures and woods in parish of Herne, until son William sixteen, and wife to repair my tenement at Greenhill. Matthew my brother to have a tenement called Wowlet and six acres of land that belonged to a certain John Phillip before me, and Matthew shall pay or cause to be paid unto the heirs of Nicholas Philip by equal portions six mares for the land and tenement. 
Prob. 6 Feb. 1458-9.                      (Vol. II., fol. 110.)

12 Dec. 1459. To be buried in the churchyard. To the high altar, 12d.; Light of St. Martin, 12d.; Light of St. Mary, 12d. Wife Alice to have two cows, twelve of the best ewes, four best pigs and a red mare; a chair, three chests, six silver drinking cups,
   * Matthew Phillip was a citizen and goldsmith of London, being Mayor in 1463-4, and Warden of the Goldsmiths’ Company in 1474. Died in 1475, and buried in the Chapel of St. John the Baptist in Herne Church, where is also the brass of his wife Cristina, who died 25 May 1470. (See Memorials of Herne, by Rev. J. H. Buchanan.)

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