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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 28  1909  page 84
HERNE WILLS: ABSTRACTS.I. By Arthur Hussey  continued

The Parish Church.
The bequests in these wills to the fabric and fittings of the Church, to the altars and the lights burning before the images of various saints, for books and vestments, a new organ and a new roodloft, for paving and puying the Church, and for other objects, have been printed in Testamenta Cantiana (" East Kent").*
   An additional item of information is supplied by the will
of John Goddard, enrolled in the Court of Hustings of the City of London.  John Goddard, a goldsmith of London, who died in 1399 possessed of lands and tenements in Herne, Whitstable and Reculver, which he left to his son John, desired his executors to pave the chancel of Herne Church with tiles.

    Of the families mentioned in these wills, the Cobb family lived in the neighbourhood of Hampton (see Nos. 42, 58), in the north-west part of the parish, where also lived the

Hampton family (Nos. 4, 14, 54). Thomas Grenham also lived at Hampton, where is the Westbrook mentioned in his will (No. 5).
   Eddington was the home of the Percivale or Percivall family. (Nos. 16, 34.)
   At Greenhill lived William Philipp, who died in 1459 leaving two brothers, Thomas and Matthew (died 1475), also two sisters, Margaret and Alice, who was the wife of John Studd (died 1478). They are probably the descendants of the John Philipp of Herne who in 1403 was admitted a. Freeman of Canterbury, by his marriage with Joan the daughter of Thomas Guerard William Philipp mentions in his will "six acres of land that belonged to a certain John Philip before me."
   At Hunter Street lived the Hikks family. (No. 51.)
   Archaeologia Cantiana, Extra Vol., 1907, pp. 16064.
      Vol. II., p. 339.
      See Freemen of Canterbury, by J.M. Cowper (1903).

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