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 Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 26  1906  page 90

Little Mote, Eynsford, with a pedigree of the Sybill Family. By R. H. Ernest Hill, A.R.I.B.A.  continued

9 August 1661 to a daughter Margaretta, who afterwards married Sir Robert Marshain, Knt. and Bart., and became the mother of the first Lord Romney.
   The subjoined extract refers to the individuals mentioned under (h) and (1)
   Kent Contributors to a Loan to the King in 1542 (Archaeologia Cantiana, Vol. XI.): John Sibill of Lee, gentilman, £10. Nicolas Sibill of fferningham, esquier, £5.
   The following items of information should here be mentioned, though I have not succeeded in identifying the persons named with any members of the Sybill pedigree given above :— 
   1391. John Sybil! of Horseheath, co. Cambridge, outlawed (see below, 1430) at the suit of Margaret, Countess of Norfolk. (Ministers’ Accounts, Gen. Series.)
   1413. Inq. p.m. Alic’ uxor Rici Sibyle, 1 Henry V., No. 9. Unum mess. et 100 acr. terr. vocat. Bolstrodes in villis de Lanqley Regis et Bovendon, tent’ ut de maner’ de Kyngeslangeley, Herts.
1415, 6 August. Will of William Sybile of Lidgate, co. Suffolk, etc., in the P.C.C. (30, Marche). Contains no mention of any Kentish lands or connections. It was apparently this man who is mentioned in a Chancery suit (Calendar Chancery Proceedings, Queen Elizabeth, vol. ii., 

p. 5) as having taken part in an assault on the Sheriffs’ officers of Cambridge and Hunts in the reign of Henry V.
   1430. Inq. p.m., 9 Henry VI., No. 9. Joh’nes Sibille utlagatus. Unum toftum et xl acr’ terr’ ut de manerio de Wilburgha Magna, Cantabr.
1466, January 30. Licence for Nicholas Sybyle and others to grant the manor of Poyle, co. Surrey (held in chief), to John Gaynesford, Esq., the elder. (Calendar of Patent Rolls.)
   1467, February. Nicholas Sibill and Cicely, widow of Sir Thomas Kyryell, mentioned as the latter’s executors. (Ibid.)
1542 July 26 Christian dau. of Thomas Sybills, bapt.
            July 29 Christian dau. of Thomas Sybills, buried at Downe, Kent. (Extract from Parish Register, Add. MS. 33,912, British Museum.)
   1548 Payments to Thomas Sybil! for 100 harquebutiers.
   1552 Payment to him of the King’s reward of 100 marks. (Acts of Privy Council, New Series, vol. ii.)
   1556, May 22. Licence to Robert Sheffelde and Constantia Sybill, he late of Burton, near the city of Lincoln, and she late of the town of Lye, Co. Kent, to marry anywhere in the diocese. (Bishop of London’s Marriage Licence:, Harleian Society, vol. xxv.)

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