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 Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 26  1906  page 89

Little Mote, Eynsford, with a pedigree of the Sybill Family. By R. H. Ernest Hill, A.R.I.B.A.  continued

1542  July 5 ...and Marie Sibill, married. [It is uncertain to
    whom this entry refers. The husband’s name has never
    been recorded, but Marie Sibill may be the sister of
    John. His signature occurs to the pedigree in the
    Heralds’ Visitation of Kent in 1574.]
   (k) Edward Sybil was concerned in at least two Chancery suits respecting ownership of lands, and in a Star Chamber suit in 1589 against Robert Bösseville and his niece’s husband John Hope about the same matter (Calendar of State Papers). He paid quit-rents to the manor of Kingsdown for that of Chipsted amounting altogether to 30s. 7d., two capons, one cookerell, nineteen hens, and 190 eggs (ibid.). His will is dated 5 March 1592. By it he left all his goods and chattells to wife Dorothy, who was to be executrix, she also to have all his lands and tenements in Kent and elsewhere for life (except a tenement in Sevenocke in occupation of William Wood). After her to Matthew Colthurst and his heirs, and in default to Andrew Colthurst and his heirs. To wife and her heirs the tenement in Sevenocke called Grymsdiche, with all buildings, gardens, outyards, etc. Witnesses: Thomas Wale, Daniel Skynner, Robert Lovelace. Proved in the P.C.C. by the executrix 2 April 1593 (29, Nevell).
   In the under-mentioned Chancery suit in which Anne Hope was plaintiff she distinctly states that her uncle Edward died without issue, and no children are mentioned in his will. Philipot, however, remarks that "Edward Sibill, the last of this name, resolved into a daughter and heir, married to. . . . Hide."
   (1) In 1595 Ann and her husband, John Hope of Eynsford, brought an action in Chancery against Leonard Lovelace and Margaret his wife. claiming certain lands in Kingsdown and 

Ashe, formerly the property of Nicholas Sibill, grandfather to the plaintiff Anne (Calendar of Chancery Proceedings, Queen Elizabeth, Hh. 9, No. 56). I have examined the Bill and Answer of this suit, and from them are extracted the information given in the pedigree with respect to Anne Hope’s parents, uncles, and grandfather, and also the particulars of the latter’s property previously mentioned. This branch of the Sibill family does not appear in the pedigree of 1574 at the College of Arms, not being the senior line of descent, but is added here for the first time.
   (m) Elizabeth Sybil married Robert Bosvile in 24 Queen Elizabeth, 1582, according to Hasted. The marriage is not recorded in the Eynsford Register, though the baptisms of their children are to be found there. The first entry is: "1588, 13 March, Elizabeth daughter of Robert Bossevile christened." That they lived at Little Mote seems clear, from the reference to "Mr. Bosville’s house at Enysforde" by the anonymous writer in Stowe MS. 620, who describes the heraldic glass in the "parlour" windows. Robert Bosvile was afterwards knighted, but no record has been found of his wife’s death or burial, in spite of diligent search.
   A descendant Thomas, son of Sir Thomas Bosvile, who possessed the Little Mote property, was baptized at Eynsford 21 December 1640. He married Elizabeth, only daughter of Sir Francis Wyat, and the marriage licence is dated 5 November 1660. Fifteen days after he died, and was buried at Eynsford the next day, but strangely enough his epitaph makes no mention of his brief married life, which was so tragically cut short. Administration of his estate was granted to the widow in the P.C.C. December 1660, and she gave birth on

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