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 Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 26  1906  page 88

Little Mote, Eynsford, with a pedigree of the Sybill Family. By R. H. Ernest Hill, A.R.I.B.A.  continued

1541, and "Goldes landes and Calowdowngosses" from Sir Henry Ysley in 1544 (ibid.). His will, dated 20 April 1545, is mentioned in the Chancery suit of his granddaughter Anne, but is not registered in the P.C.C. It is probably to be found in the Canterbury Consistory or Archdeaconry Registries. Nicholas was, according to the Bill of Complaint in the suit, "seised in fee simple of 4 messuages commonly called Crowers, Pelle, Lambarde, and Capell, a parcell of woodland called Rogersland containing about 26 acres, and 2 parcells of about 20 acres abutting on land which was part of the manor of Kyngesdowue, and called Springham." These two parcells were formerly the property of Robert Richardsonne, then of John Lovelace, and by him conveyed to Nicholas Sybill in exchange for other land. He was also seised of "one pícell called Brethelle, and dyvers other lands and tenements in Kyngesdowne."
   (i) John Sibyle made his will 28 October 1574, being then "sicke of body." He desired "to be decentlie buried in my chappell (annexed to the Church of Eynisforde emonge my Auncitors)." To the poor at the funeral 20s.; to a learned preacher for a sermon 6s. 8d.; the sum of 6s. 8d. to be equally divided between poor of Eynsford and Farningham; to the poor menís box of said parishes 2s. 6d.; to the poor of Eynsford 6s. 8d. yearly, to be paid on the feast of St. Thomas Apostle and on Good Friday, and continued by testatorís daughter; to the Vicar of Eynsford 20d. for tithes and oblations omitted or forgotten; to repairs of Church 3s. 4d.; to Sir John Pollard, Knt., brother-in-law, a ring of gold, value 5 marks; to brother Roger Amerie 15s. for a ring; to brother William Pollard 20s.; to sister Mericke 40s.; to be divided among servants 20s. ,Johane his wife to be executrix, and to enjoy all his manors, lands, and tenements for her life. 

To his "base sonnes" Thomas and John Sibyll £3 6s. 8d. each annually out of a tenement called the Rose, and one other late in the occupation of Martyn May, both in town of Eynsford, being no part nor parcel of the manor of Petham Court nor of wifeís jointure. These annuities not to be paid as long as it shall please the executrix to keep the said Thomas and John. "To the Quenes Majestie the thirde parte of my landes holden of her highnes." All testatorís property to his daughter Elizabeth and her heirs after decease of the executrix. Sir John Pollard, brother Matthew Pollard, Esq., cosen Thomas Watton, and Thomas Lovelace, Esq., to be overseers, and each to have 20s. Witnesses: Thomas Watton, Thomas Lovelace, Roger Amery, John Hollande, Vicar, Thomas Donett, Reginald Baluer, Robert Hodsoll. Proved 13 November in the P.C.C. by the executrix (40, Martyn). Admíon granted 27 April 1586 to Elizabeth Bosevile alias Sible, daughter and heir. Hasted says that John Sybilís lands, which included Petham Court, Hultesbury Manor, and Little Mote, were held of the manor of Eynsford. His widow obtained a general licence from the Bishop of London 25 January 1575 to marry Francis Harte, Esq. (Han. Soc., vol. xxv.)
   The following entries in Eynsford Parish Register refer to the Sybills
1564 July 30 William son of John Sybyll, Esq., christened.
1566 Jan. 2 Elizabeth daughter of John Sybyll, Esq.,
1573 July 6 William son of John Sybyll, Esq., buried.
1574 John Sybyll, Esquire, dyed the 30thí daye of
    October and was buried the 4th daye of November.
1585 Nov. 5 Mrs. Jone Jiarte wife of Mr. Francis Harte,

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