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 Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 26  1906  page 87

Little Mote, Eynsford, with a pedigree of the Sybill Family. By R. H. Ernest Hill, A.R.I.B.A.  continued

   In his will, 8 April 1502, he directs his burial to take place in the Chapel of St. John Baptist in the Parish Church of St. Martin, Eynsford (see Archaeologia Cantiana, Vol. XXIII., p. 139); to the high altar 13s. 4d.; to the repairs of the said Church 13s. 4d.; Margaret his wife to have all his lands lying in the county of Kent, "excepte all such lands lying in the parish of Gravesende which nowe be in thandes of Johanne Sibbyll my moder ;" also except "lxvjs viijd yerely dewe unto Thomas Sibbyll my son out of the maner of Serante [?] in the parish of ffrenyngham." After wifeís decease all the above lands, with aforesaid exception, to son Thomas and his heirs, who is also to have testatorís lands and tenements in Hocking, co. Essex, as well as the property in Gravesend. William Marshall and widow Margaret to be executors. William Waynewright, Vicar of Eynsford, Richard Haskrewle, and William Marshall, witnesses. Proved in the P.C.C. 20 May 1502 (8, Blamyr).
   (e) This Thomas acquired various premises and lands in 1488 from John and Roger, Sons of Thomas Evatt of Farningham. They are described as "Shophawe, Whetecroft,. Netherhouscroft, Whetehersh, and Southfelde ;" also lands known as "Maydenshawe, Welhawe, and Buddysden" in Farningham, Eynsford, and Maplescombe (Calendar of Ancient Deeds, vol. iii.). In 1480 he obtained the demise for fifteen years of the Manor of Chymbeham from Henry Hextall, gent., Ralph Tykhull, gent., and Elizabeth his wife, John Petyt, gent., and Agnes his wife, and Richard Metward and wife Alice (ibid.).
Philipot says that Chimbham Manor came to the Sybills from the Isley family of Sundridge. Thomas also purchased a piece of land called Shepelond, adjoining a lane called Medelane, and a croft named Longcroft in Farningham in 1500 (ibid.).

   He was buried at Farningham, where a brass to him and his wife still lies on the floor of the Church, with the  following inscription: "Of yo' charite pray for the Souls of Thomas Sibill, Esquyer, & Agnes his wyf & for ther children Soules, the whnch deceas'yd the ?? day of Nobe'be in the yere of o' Lord god A thousand ccccrir.  On whose Soules' Thu' habe m'cy ams."  The figures of Thomas and his wife accompany the inscription in the dress of the period, but are of poor design and execution.
   (f) The Parish Register of Eynsford has this entry: "Thomas Sybyll, Esquire, buried 4 September Ano Dni 1549," doubtless referring to this Thomas, who married Isabel Cowdale. Of her family Philipot says, "much of the land that relates to this mansion (Little Mote) devolved to Sibell about the beginning of Henry VII. by the heir of Cowdale." The Cowdale (or as sometimes written Coldall) arms appear in the quarterings of the Sybills, and are quartered with those of Cares or Caves.
   (g) This marriage is given in a copy of the Sybill pedigree annotated by Hasted in Add. MS. 5532, fol. 29. 
   (h.) This Nicholas, in 1532, purchased of Sir Henry Isley of Dunstall, Knt., land and wood among the lands of John Loveles, gent., and the said Nicholas, called "Brokes," and all lands of the said John between Brokes, Hach Lawne, and Smythfeld, to the land of Nicholas, called "Cowles" and "Brytons," etc., all in Farningham (Calendar of Ancient Deeds, vol. iii.). Other purchases by him of land in Farningham included" Bywymbull" from Richard Goodhewe, husbandman, in 1534, "Homefeld" from John Lovelace and his son Thomas in

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This website is constructed by enthusiastic amateurs. Any errors noticed by other researchers will be to gratefully received so
 that we can amend our pages to give an accurate record as possible. Please send details too